Microsoft AZ 204 Exams: How Do The Practice Tests Help You?

The exam AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure, measures your ability to accomplish specific tasks and activities. To name a few, you should be able to develop Azure compute solutions, help in the storage aspect of Azure, implement and provide security and troubleshooting facilities for Azure solutions. It is recommended to participate in the practice tests offered to pass the certification exam. 

How do Microsoft AZ-204 practice tests help?

The following points tell how Microsoft AZ-204 practice tests help:

  • Familiarizing with the Azure Certification: AZ-204 course –

The whole fundamental behind launching practice tests is to make the aspirants get a feel and the real deal of the exam. Moreover, practice tests replicate the pattern of the actual AZ-204 exam. As a result, you will be encouraged to make mistakes, rectify them, and appear for a new test again. Therefore, Microsoft-certified professionals have often backed the concept of practice tests. When you get accustomed to time pressure and conditions, you can do relatively well than those who have not yet appeared for the cloud computing practice test.

  • Bridging the gap between the actual Microsoft artificial intelligence course AZ-204 and your current understanding of the course –

The practice exam will present you with the questions which are asked. However, no one knows the exact questions. Still, the exam veterans who have successfully cleared the Microsoft online course know the bare minimum requirements and question levels you must go through before actually appearing for the exam. To quote a novice exam participant, “If one aims to clear the AZ-204 exam, they definitely should enroll for the practice test series. It’ll help you to bridge the gap and understand to follow tricks to avoid traps set by exam setters.” 

  • Reviewing your preparation and identifying the areas needed for improvement –

The practice exam results are of great use; let’s see how:

  1. You’d gain the marks/ grades as per your preparation levels. If you have prepared well, you should score high. However, if you are at a novice level, your percentile would be on the lower side.
  2. The practice tests are more or less accustomed to the current level you are at. For example, the practice exams providers of AZ-204 set various levels. To quote some – “Novice Level”, “Intermediate Level”, and lastly the “Expert Level.” The paper setters would try to create a parallel amongst all, as at the broader level, all the concepts would be covered in all levels, but the “toughness” and “peculiarity” would vary. 
  3. Since they exhibit the same properties, the results obtained at the expert level would roughly translate into how much would you score in the actual exam. Thus, it can help one foresee the result of their cloud security, AZ 204 Microsoft certification exam.  

Common Mistakes Made by Applicants

Practice papers help’s one to follow the right track and avoid common preparation mistakes. Some of the common mistakes made by the career persuaders of Microsoft Azure-204 are:

1) Overestimating their skill set: To pursue the Microsoft artificial intelligence course, the minimum experience required is one year. Unfortunately, people often overestimate their learned skills, which often backfires when they appear for the AZ-204 exam.  

2) Underestimating their skill sets: Individuals often lack the confidence to appear for such exams. They have the proper knowledge, but they feel undermined when presented with questions. By appearing for the practice tests, confidence boosts, and so does the performance in the exam. 

Common Skills Measured in the Exam

Some of the common skills measured in the exam and their weightage in the practice papers are:

1) Developing a complete Azure solution. This would be ranked and carry a weightage of 25-30%.

2) Developing Azure storage. This would carry a weightage of 15-20%.

3) Your skill to implement Azure security. This would carry a weightage of 20-25%.

4) Efficiency to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot the azure solutions. This would carry a weightage of 15-20%.

5) The ability to connect the Azure services to third-party sources. The weightage ranges between 15-20% for this. 


The AZ-204 course offers everything you would require to pursue the path to become a “Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate.” The suitable training courses and practice tests will help you in matters more than one. Lastly, the test papers and courses will allow one to imagine how the concepts work in real business. 


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