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On this week’s episode of Marketing O’Clock the team talks about Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center, Google’s licensing program for publishers. Microsoft Digital Marketing Center, Google’s licensing program for publishers, as well as more. Week in Marketing O’Clock Jess Budde, Greg Finn, and Christine “Shep” Zirnheld are talking about the latest digital marketing news that happened this week.

We also pick the best jams for corporate use for commercial TikTok videos, and our most-loved fresh cheese curd to discover on ice at an ice cream bar as well as some of the costliest and obscure houses in the neighborhood. Yuri Shafranik

Microsoft Digital Marketing Center

Microsoft is testing a new, free Digital Marketing Center to help SMBs manage both organic social media as well as paid social and search ads that span Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Paid advertising campaigns that are powered by Digital Marketing Center will rely heavily on the automation.

Advertisers can define their goals in terms of location targeting, goals, and budgets , and Microsoft AI will power the keywords as well as audience targeting and bidding. To promote organic social media marketers are able to manage up to 10 profiles that are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and utilize the social inbox for reply to, like, and even send direct messages. Yuri Shafranik

The Google license program designed for authors

Google has announced a new licensing program, which will reward selected authors in exchange for high-quality content. The Google has also announced that they will pay certain publishers that have paywalls, to grant users to access articles on their website.

Google announces Keen app

The app’s new features allow users to create content from all over the internet, allowing users share their interests and passions to the world.

The “interests and passions” can be used to target on Google’s advertising network. No cookies are required.

Google’s machine-learning will offer users with more content than it believes will be relevant to them.

Spotify tests offers in-app

Instead of storing a specific URL and coupon listeners can simply visit the episode’s page on the program. They’re listening to and go to the advertiser’s web page.

This type of advertisement isn’t yet available to the public. However it’s being test for some selected podcasts.

Are Safari planning to stop Google Analytics?

The latest version of macOS known as “Big Sur,” was released this week, and many within the SEO community wrongly believe. That it would stop Google Analytics from collecting data.

TikTok is back to business

TikTok’s business platform is set to keep marketers updated on the various marketing options available on the platform. This way you are able to “Grow your following. Expand your brand. Let graphs rise.”

They’re also offering a brand new educational center for marketers as well as advertisers.

This week’s short , but sweet summary of the week is by Lindsay Casey, who may have more knowledge of Google than the Google employees!

Then , we will address your most pressing questions regarding digital marketing in this lightning round.

Who’s launching the fresh “Summer of Support” program? And why can’t they help advertisers every day?

What is the Twitter’s latest search feature?

When is the revenue from Google’s ads likely to rise again after falling at the beginning of its the history of the company?

Where can you get additional information on the advertisements that you can are seeing on Hulu?

What is the reason Google now accepting Advertisers to post ads on Instagram. Even when they don’t have an account on Facebook?

When should you keep updating LinkedIn Remarketing and engagement audiences?

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