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Mistakes that People Think about Surrogacy

Surrogacy is one of the remarkable solutions for the intended parents who are unable to give birth to babies or intended to the single parenthood.

In this age of the internet, without knowing the pros and cons of this process, they nurture the wrong ideas in them so firmly that everyone related to the process faces great difficulties accomplishing the journey there. Here are the mistakes in surrogacy and the mistakes that people think about surrogacy.

Inappropriate Surrogate

Those, who fail to understand the broadness of the reproductive process correctly, interpret that the more affluent settle their reproductive needs using the surrogates living in economically insolvent families. This is a clear misconception, as one of the conditions of the agencies that every surrogate has to meet while applying as a surrogate is having a strong financial background of her family.

Proper Dedication by the Surrogate

Many of the women, who want to become surrogate mothers in the less advanced nations, think that they will not get proper payment for their service. But many agencies and clinics operate the process in those nations that can ensure compensations up to the satisfactory level based on the experiences of the surrogates. It is true that people have some wrong ideas about surrogacy but still, something wrong happened by several surrogacy agencies.

Feminist Community Attempts

Some people, who judge everything with the advocacy of women’s rights based on the equality of the sexes, opine the assisted reproductive technology as a strike to the honor and freedom of a woman over her own body. They often compare the profession of the surrogates with the profession related to the business or practice of engaging in sexual activities to earn money. They also think that the husbands force wives in the less advanced nations to become surrogates against their own will so that they can become smart machines to pull money, though the professionals investigate before a process starts. Ask maternidad subrogada to learn about the surrogacy process.

Emotional and Moral Issues

The public in less advanced nations imagines this process of human reproduction as an immoral act since the doctors implant an embryo into the lining of the uterus of a surrogate to conceive to give birth commercially. Women in some societies in India remain morally engaged to give birth to the children of their own husbands only, to take care of the children and their husbands and the other members of their family. Though some husbands with poor income push their wives to become surrogates to produce money for their family, the husbands themselves scold their surrogate wives, saying that the process is not morally or socially acceptable. Those surrogates lead miserable lives, psychologically swinging between the need to play a role in the process to bring money for their families and a call to leave the job to maintain the moral beliefs of their societies.

Family Issues between Wife and Husband

Some societies of less advanced nations, especially in South Asia, confide that the women, whose husbands earn handsome, should not apply for the role of surrogates. They argue that those women have no need to become surrogates since their husbands are fulfilling all their financial needs. That the Western or European well-off women are carrying on their career of gestational carriers only for the sake of helping others as a part of their social or humanitarian acts could not teach them a lesson so far. They think the well-off wives should only live in their homes, shop in the malls, and enjoy their lives with husbands and children.

Final Words

Because of the wrong ideas about surrogacy in developing countries, many intended parents there are having trouble considering the process. Many people there do not know clearly about the use of the latest medical inventions in the process, and thus misunderstand it as having sex with another person other than the husband of a surrogate. Here we already disclosed about the mistakes in surrogacy and mistakes that people think about surrogacy.

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