Most Beautiful Place In Italy

Italy is a beautiful country that is visited by over a million tourists every year. The country is a perfect blend of art, culture, history, and adventure. Seeing the country and various beautiful cities here is the best decision you can make this year. From the city of love, Rome, to the town that holds the history of the country, Pompeii, Italy has a lot for you to explore and encounter. To get the best out of this place, you need to make flight and hotel bookings for at least a week with American Airlines Español. In addition to that, we have prepared the perfect list of must-visit places in Italy


Italy is a country with lots of beautiful places to explore. But when it comes to the most romantic place in the country, it is Rome. With the amazing views and beauty the city holds, you would not want to leave it. Visit here with your family, and you can explore the various museums, art galleries, and ancient architecture. Highlights that one must visit in Rome include St. Peter’s Basilica, Piazza Navona fountains, and the Roman Empire’s Colosseum. St. Peter’s Basilica is the largest and oldest church in the entire world and attracts the maximum number of tourists to the city. 


Widely known as the floating city, Venice is a place in the country that attracts people because of the esthetic views everywhere you see. The most famous thing in Venice is the gondola ride that locals and tourists enjoy. Hundreds of canals are spread across the city. Hop on one of the gondola rides and explore the entire city. The best time to visit the city is when it organizes its annual event known as Carnevale. Everywhere you will see, you will find people at their best- dressed up in costumes, dancing on thor local music. And celebrating the occasion. 


Tuscany is the business city of Italy. All the major business exports and imports are usually made for here only. Along with being the business capital of the country, the city also has many tourist attractions for people to explore. The city is also known as the center of art and politics. There are many museums and art galleries where you can explore artworks like nowhere else. Local artists use wood, metal, marble, lathe, and everything you can think of to create amazing art pieces. The Gallery of Uffizi is a must-visit when you are in Tuscany. 


Milan is the most culturally diverse city in entire Italy and is widely famous as the most cosmopolitan city in Italy. The town is all about the fashion and entertainment that the country has to offer. Everywhere you will go, you will find designers and buyers shopping. Along with that, the city also has some of the most famous churches and cathedrals that are decades old for the people to explore. Highlights of the town include the Monumental Cemetery,  Basilica Sant’Ambrogio, the Pinacoteca di Brera, and Piazza Mercanti. 

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is one of the most exotic tourist destinations in Italy. The city is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and hence is surrounded by a beautiful coastline. When you visit the city, you will encounter gorgeous views from the Ravello that will leave you jaw-dropping. Along with that, make sure you explore the Amalfi Drive on the southern coast that holds the best backdrop for all your Instagram-worthy pictures. A few highlights that first-time visitors must not miss in Amalfi Coast are Spiaggia di Arechi, the cathedral of Duomo, and Salerno castle. 

Cinque Terre

Are you a fan of sunsets? Do you want to experience a sunset that will stay with you forever? Well, if yes, then there is no better place for you than the Cinque Terre. Also known as “The Five Lands,” this place will give you views like nowhere else. The perfect merger of five fishing villages here is why the place got this name. Cinque There is also listed under UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Each village has a specialty that attracts tourists. Manarola village for the ruins of fortifications, Vernazza village for the steep adventurous cliffs, and a lot more that this region has to offer. 


To get a closer look at the historical events of Italy, Pompeii is the place for you to explore. Walk down the streets, and everywhere you will put your eye on, you will see history screaming out loud. The city has many historical sites for tourists to visit. A part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, Itay found Pompeii in 1748, and ever since, the town remains in its original form. To encounter evidence from history, visit the Antiquarium Museum. Along with that, also take a tour at the Forum Roman Town Square, lined up with many stores for you to shop and food stalls to get a taste of the local cuisine. 

The city has a lot to offer. This is why we recommend you book American Airlines Cheap Tickets and have a great time with your family and friends. 

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