Nadra Nicop renewal and tracking

Nadra Card centre UK is an Online Nadra service provider. You can get your New Nadra Nicop or Nadra Nicop Renewal done from Nadra Card Centre UK.

We are famous for our efficient customer services. Our customers contact us and leave totally satisfied.


To apply for Nadra Nicop renewal you must have a few valid documents:

  1. Expired card
  2. Passport copy valid pak/foreign
  3. Passport size photo
  4. Marriage certificate
  5. Residence permit
  6. Parents Nadra card copies

The first step is to submit these documents and the agent in contact will help fill your forms which will then be sent to you for verification.

If finger prints are required, only for applicants above 18 years of age, a prepaid return envelope enclosed with finger prints form and ink pad will be sent to your home.

You will be guided how to get the perfect finger prints imprinted on the form so as to minimise any errors.

Once we receive your finger prints, your application will be submitted to be processed.

According to the service selected by the applicant, the application will be processed and your card will be received at your door steps with in either 6 Working Weeks (slow service), 3-4 Working Weeks (urgent service), or 7-10 Working Days (Fast service), after the submission of your application.

Nadra Nicop Tracking UK

Once your application is submitted, our agent will provide you with the Nadra ID Card Tracking number. This tracking number or ID can then be used to know the status of your card while it is being processed by the Nadra Head Office.

To track your Nadra National identity card for overseas Pakistani ( nicop ) you have to visit our website:

On top left, you’ll find the Nadra id Card Tracking option.

Click on the option and enter the Nicop Tracking UK Id.

The tracking ID will show your application status. The status of your application are as follows:

  1. Submitted: This means that your application is submitted and waiting to be approved.
  2. Approved: your application is approved and is being processed.
  3. Sent for printing: your application is processed and the card is being printed.
  4. Dispatched: your Nadra card is sent to be delivered to your doorstep.
  5. Deferred: the application was not approved or its on hold.

Though the chances of deferral are very low, but there could be many reasons for it. For instance, your finger prints might not match with the ones in the system, or one of your documents might be missing, or maybe Nadra head office requires more documents for your verification.

If your Nadra tracking shows deferred status, simply follow the instructions and get your Nadra application processed!

With all the documents, finger prints and form verification, we send your Nadra Card UK application to the Nadra head office and with a set number of days, you get your card at your mailing address.

At the Nadra head office your application is first approved, then processed. After being processed, your card is sent for printing and then it is dispatched to you and you receive it at your doorsteps.

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