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Everyone has probably heard about the fact that you need to buy links to succeed in promotion, but not everyone is familiar with the link pyramid. How to get to the top of the pyramid, you will learn from this article. I wrote about links in detail in an article about link building, but about this scheme I was silent at the time.
Which links work best

It’s worth remembering that links work best when they are clicked. That is, those that are clicked. Link from the article, which no one reads, can hang dead. Getting users to click on links is difficult. But it is possible to create a simulation of this process and strengthen the link page. This can be achieved by reproducing the “Hornet’s Blow” scheme. So she called a well-known SEO (M. Shakin). You can also call this scheme link pyramid.
Scheme “Hornet Blow”.

The scheme is as follows:

Buy a link in the article on the thematic site. It is desirable to do this on a site with large puzomerkami. In other words, the site should have a high ICS and stable traffic. To search for these resources, I use the Miralinks exchanger.
Post a link through the exchanger. We wrote an article entitled “Where to buy tours” and selected the anchor “buy tours”. Anchor – this is a link to the site, which we promote.
We buy a couple of links to the article “Where is the best place to buy tours” in posts on various sites and blogs. The posts may be entitled “How I bought the tour in an online travel agency” and “Lifehack: how to buy cheap tours. You can use the GoGetLinks exchange to purchase such links.
We pump the articles we have ordered from bloggers, with the help of article runs. For this purpose, you can use the exchange Kwork, or apply directly to the artist in a visited SEO-forum.
After obtaining a list of pages with links to our posts from the performer, you can pump them with the help of runs on profiles on various portals or with the help of links from social networks. Where to order the runs, you already know, but links from social networks can be ordered, for example, on WebArtex.
Do not hack with a custom article – it should be unique and bulky, with unique images. The article should fully respond to the user’s request. If you use a similar scheme to pump a low-quality article, there will be no result.
Safety of link pyramid

Working on this scheme, we can secure the site that we promote, because we do not focus on the number of links, but on quality. To be more precise, we replace thousands of weak links to dozens of strong ones. It seems that all roads lead not to Rome, but to our site. We find ourselves at the top of the pyramid built and we reap the fruits of our labors. Restrictions by search engines for low-quality links or a link blast in this scheme are excluded.
Reducing the cost of purchased links

In any business, you need to get maximum profit at minimum cost. In the scheme “Hornet Blow” we care more about the quality of sites and articles that will link directly to our resource, that is, the first level of our pyramid. Posts may be of lower quality. And the rest of the links we take for the quantity. At various freelance exchanges, you can order thousands of such links for 500 rubles. And if you want to dive deeper into the theme of reference pyramids and make the cost of links even lower, you can buy a program that will put these links automatically. Hroomer is suitable for this purpose.

Without links it is impossible to promote the site. The more links go to your site, the more authoritative it becomes. The higher quality links, the more traffic you get. With the help of the Hornet Strike scheme, your site can become authoritative faster and cheaper than without it.

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