No Income or Job? Don’t Worry – Get a Credit Card Without It

If you’re having a financial crisis and apply for a credit card and reduce differences in income, there are a few methods with which you can be eligible. 

Health concerns, transfer/move, layoffs, and many other factors can result in people being without a job, making it very difficult to meet financial requirements. You can also be at the risk of missed payments and end up with bad credit. 

You should adhere to a strict budget in your unemployment period. On the other hand, you may require access to credit to help you tide over the hard times. The dilemma is that it can be hard to be eligible for a credit card without a stable income source. You can also check out a credit card comparison online, which will help you immensely.

Fortunately, those issuing credit cards will review alternative sources of income, keeping aside employment, so you can be permitted if you receive a public assistance check or get money from your partner or relative.

Valuable Tips for Getting a Credit Card When You Do Not Have a Job

Eventually, you will want to safeguard adequate income from many money-making means like employment or side engagements to attain financial stability. When you’re grappling with unemployment and you apply for a credit card, it can assist you with avoiding more expensive ways of borrowing like pawn shops and payday loans.

Know-How Much Income You Have:

Verified income sources differentiate by the issuer of the credit card, but they most of the time include points like:

  • Earned income from full-time, part-time, or occasional employment
  • Dividends or interest 
  • Income from self-employment
  • Public assistance
  • Retirement income
  • Income/money which another person deposits regularly in an account for your usage

The money threshold you must meet may not be very high, especially if you own a good credit score and are not in debt. 

To guarantee a high success rate, including all admissible income sources when estimating your total, you should know what the conditions of the card are before applying and understand what qualifies as you may add things like child support and alimony.

Include Income of Your Partner:

The 2009 Card Act provides the ability to pay, which specifies that credit card issuers have to confirm their ability to pay the monthly payments before card approval. Also, getting a credit card comparison would be helpful.

But credit card issuers can add “any assets and income to which the customer has a rational expectation of entry”. This means that if you share a joint account with your wife/husband and your partner routinely deposits cash in an individual account for you, from which you can take that amount as income for the objectives of major credit card applications.

Request a cosigner:

If the income streams given above are not adequate to get you qualified, think of asking a family member or reliable friend with strong credit to cosign to apply for a credit card for you.

With cosigning, your family member or friend is giving you the go-ahead of being responsible for your card debt if you are unable to pay it. This can aid your chances of approval if you have a low category income. However, ensure that you can meet the payments monthly, or the cosigner will also take responsibility for your debt, which could overpower their credit score – and possibly endanger your relationship with them. 

You also want to ensure that you select a cosigner who has good or outstanding credit to reduce the rejection risk. Also, choose somebody who will go on to be responsible for making timely payments. A credit card comparison check will be beneficial in knowing the suitable choice for you.

Keep in mind that not all credit card issuers permit cosigners on applications. Therefore, you will have to verify that it is allowable or apply for a separate card that does not permit cosigners.


If you are looking to apply for a credit card, get credit or secure your money when unemployed, you have choices. Keep in mind that even the top-level credit cards do not offer free money, so you will need to repay the owed amount within a specified time. Compile your sources of income and set a strict budget, and then experiment with one or two side activities while looking for a new job or employment which is full-time.


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