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P Shaped baths vs Straight Baths – Which One You Should Choose?

The P shaped baths are shower baths that combine both shower and bath into a single unit. You would agree that bathtubs are great fixtures. Nothing can help you with body aches and pain that you get from overwork and exhaustion than the tubs. A whole day of stress can be washed away with just a simple soak in a bathtub. For people who love relaxing and healthy routines, it is worth investing in quality baths. So, you can achieve the highest level of comfort during the bath.

From having a relaxing session to bathing your kids and pets, there are a lot of benefits associated with it. People who love bathing usually look for a better option so they can enjoy it up to their expectations. However, when you plan to renovate a bathroom or a new installation, you will need to consider different options available for you. These include choosing between various types of bathtubs. One of the biggest confusing issues with such a tub is whether to opt for p shower bath or straight baths. 

In this article, we are going to discuss it.

P Shaped Baths and Straight Baths – What the Difference?

 The p shaped baths simply resemble the alphabet p in their shape. It does give it a luxurious and attractive look. But the purpose of such a shape is not entirely its aesthetics but practicality. It is a kind of bathtub that is designed as a shower tub. That means its round shape bigger end is for overhead shower. You can take a shower while standing in it. It simply makes it a suspicious option for shower lovers. The other side of such a bath is straight with a round curvy shape. You can use that side for the bath. Now come to the straight bath option. It is simply a common or regular shape bath with curvy edges on one or both of its sides. It depends on whether you choose a single or double-ended style. You can also turn it into a shower bath, but it is not designed for such purposes. However, there is a type of straight shower bath available as well. 

P Shaped bathsMaking a Choice Between P Shaped Baths and Straight Baths

The major purpose of our discussion is to make a choice between p shaped bathtub and a straight bathtub. Therefore, we have a discussion on various factors that are important for such consideration. 

  • Consider Your Bathroom Layout and Size: Both of the bathtub designs are great but with their respective use. Before you decide about the shape, think about the size and layout of the bathroom. You can fit both of these against or along the wall. However, the curvy edge in p shower bath will take some extra space. Therefore, if you are too much out of space in the bathroom, it may need your consideration.
  • Your Style Preference: It is important that you consider your style preference while making a choice as well. The shape with a curve will require a glass screen to prevent water splashes. It also improves its aesthetics as well. It makes it perfect for a contemporary design bathroom. The straight option is rather offered an elegant and simple look.
  • The Practicality: It is everyone’s dream to have a highly practical and aesthetically pleasing bathroom. The p shaped bath adds much to the functionality of your space. You don’t need a separate shower. Because a simple composite unit will help you to take a bath at the same time. If you want to enhance practicality without spending more money and space, it can be an ideal choice for you. A straight can shower bath too, but it will not offer the same comfortable experience as p shape bathtub.

Are You Planning to Install P Shaped Baths?

In this article, we have a discussion about p shaped baths. These are an excellent choice for contemporary bathrooms. The details above will help you to make a choice between these tubs easier and straightforward. At Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK, we have a range of bathroom products available at lower prices.

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