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Penis Enlargement Surgery and Penis Extenders

For many people, size does matter, and there is nothing wrong with it. Many men want a bigger penis, and thus they are continuously looking for good treatment options. However, some men just want a bigger one for cosmetic reasons. Regardless of the reasons, remedies like creams, supplements, and home remedies are not much successful. If you are among those who are looking for the most effective remedies, penis enlargement surgery and penis extenders may work for you. So, what is penis enlargement surgery, and the treatments available, including penis extenders? In this article, we will try to answer these questions. 

What is the Average Penis Size?

There are common myths about the normal or average size of a penis. Many men don’t know what is considered normal penis size. Some believe that having a 12-inch penis is normal. However, the average erect size of the penis is between 5-6 inches long and 4-5 inches when it’s not erected. Some men believe that they need a larger penis to satisfy their partners. But this is not true. Around 85% of women said they are satisfied with the penis size of their partner. So, when a man actually requires penis enlargement surgery and penis extenders? Let’s have a look.

When does a man require penis enlargement Surgery?

A penis that functions appropriately for urination and sexual intercourse doesn’t need surgery. However, there are a few complications when penis enlargement surgery becomes essential. These are:

Micropenis– this is a rare condition in which a stretched penis is 7.5 cm or shorter. In 1,000 men, only six men have a micropenis. This can happen as a baby doesn’t get sufficient testosterone, which is a male sex hormone. 

Peyronie’s disease– There is a scare buildup on the penis that bends it in this condition. Men with this disease can have problems getting an erection. 

Effective Treatment for Penis Enlargement

When it comes to penis enlargement, you may come across many treatment options. You should choose the one wisely and after a thorough consultation with your doctor. Not all treatments are 100% safe and come with certain complications. The following are the treatments available to increase the size of the penis. 

Penis Enlargement Surgery

The most effective treatment for penis enlargement is surgery and penis extenders. Penis enlargement surgery can be an effective option for those who want to increase their penis girth. Currently, the only FDA-approved implant is Penuma. A study also reveals that Penuma devices increase 56.7% increase in penis girth. However, it requires long-term follow-up.

Additionally, this process can help with other conditions as well that affect the penis. Cosmetic penis enlargement, when used with a fat transfer and silicone space, provides satisfactory results. This process increase penis length and grith along with improving its function.

Penis Extender

Some people who don’t want surgery look for alternatives, like a penis extender. These are non-invasive devices that can be uncomfortable and cumbersome to use. However, men who wore a penis extender daily for six months can increase the flaccid penis length by up to 32%.

Vacuum Pump

Besides this, a vacuum pump can make your penis appear longer temporarily. However, it comes with several side effects. For example, it may lead to tissue damage and lead to erection issues.

Rings and Clamps

Many people use a ring or clamp in order to elongate and stretch their penis. However, to use these devices, you need to place them around your penis base. It means you have to prevent blood from flowing out of your penis. When you wear any of these devices, it may enlarge your penis temporarily. But if you wear it for more than half an hour, it can cut blood flow and damage your penis tissue. 

Overall, a doctor can recommend penis enlargement surgery to treat a penis injury, correct a defect, or improve its function. The surgery is controversial and rare. It can add around 1 to 1.5 cm to the overall penis length. Therefore, it is vital to go for a thorough consultation before going ahead with penis enlargement surgery.

Wrapping the post

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