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Planning to Hire Mobile Application Developers Team: Check Out this Post!

When you sit to plan hiring mobile application developers, you need to choose between hiring several people for the team or looking for one person. Who would be able to work on different aspects of app development like design, coding etc.

If your business is small and does not require too many apps. In the future then it is better that you look for individual freelancers who can create your app at a price which fits within your budget. Here are a few tips which will help you hire the mobile application developer easily:

Tips To Hire Mobile App Developers

1) You must have a proper scope document before you start searching for a developer. The document should mention what kind of mobile platform will be used. Whether it is going to be Android, IOS or Windows OS based. It must also have a proper feature list with all the functions, that must be present in your app. After you have a clear document. You can start searching for a developer on any freelancing site.

2) Take time to find the best candidate. You might get dozens of proposals from different developers who have years of experience working on different mobile apps. However, do not get carried away by their resume and portfolios. Go through their profile before hiring them so that you can get an idea. About how hardworking they are and whether they would be able to complete your project within the deadline or not.

3) A good hire should show positive attitude even if he is asked to work on something which is beyond his expertise. If a developer has worked on some features before. He should be able to solve the problems easily and not give you a hard time. Talk to him about your app project before deciding on the final person for this job.

4) Work with freelancers who are well experienced in creating business apps. Because these are the only type of projects where your app will contain all essential features which are needed by any company. If you are looking for an Android or iOS developer who can do everything from designing screens to coding complex functionalities. Then choose one who has at least 2-4 years of experience working on similar projects.

5) Even though it would be good if you can find someone. Who is expert in different levels of app development like design, code etc. But if that is not possible then you must decide whether you want to look for a freelancer. Who can do all the job or hire different developers for different tasks. If your budget allows then it is better that you hire different people and make sure they work in close coordination with each other.

6) A good mobile app developer should be able to give his point of view on any idea without creating much fuss about it. If he is unable to understand what you are saying. He will not be able to create an effective user interface. You may need an iOS UI designer especially if the company only has Android app development team. Because putting together screens for both platforms requires great level of experience which comes from years of working on similar projects.

7) Once the scope document and the design of your app is ready. You can ask the developer to start work on it. Once he has created a prototype for your mobile application. You should be able to see how the final product would look like.

8) If you are looking for an expert who can do everything from design screens to coding then you need someone who is adept at both programming languages and design tools. The cost of hiring such people will be quite high but surely this investment will pay off when your business starts seeing growth in sales because good apps. Apps generate better number of leads than websites or any other marketing efforts. However, if you are looking for someone to handle only one aspect of creating mobile apps. Then there is no need to hire someone with expertise in all aspects.

You can get a design house who is good at creating great UI for mobiles to make the screens of your app and then hire programmers separately.

9) It is better that you have proper communication with your developers/team members. Otherwise, there are chances of errors creeping in which would cause wastage of money. You may need to check their work on some regular interval so that they do not complete the task before time. If you want to save on some money then go for ‘offshore outsourcing’ because it will be far cheaper than hiring someone at home or locally. While working with them on the project daily through video conferencing platforms like Skype or Google Hangouts.

10) Once everything is finished, ask your developer to prepare a beta version of the application and then do a round of testing yourself. If you have hired a freelancer for this job, make sure you interview him again before finalizing the person.
Once everything goes smoothly and you are satisfied with work done by your developers.

Maintain Good Relations

It is important that you maintain good relations with them because they will be needed in future. As well if plan on updating or fixing bugs after app launch. You can motivate them by paying them on time and offering incentives like bonuses etc from time to time. These simple steps may help you hire mobile app developers. Who can turn around your business into great success story over times to come!

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