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Programming Test -Hiring Interview Questions and Answers

Programming is a complex field of study. It requires hard work and dedication to learn the basics, let alone the more complicated aspects of programming. If you’re interested in a career as a programmer, then you need to know what kind of questions you’ll be expected to answer on an interview for programming jobs. You might even want to review these questions before going into your interview so that you can have some idea of what they will ask in programmer tests!

In this post, we will go over some of the most common programming interview questions. We’ll provide you with the answer as well as a brief explanation of how to solve the problem.

Question: Reverse a String

Write a program that takes in a string and reverses it. For example, if the user enters “Hello”, your program should output “olleH”.

Solution: The easiest way to reverse a string is to use a loop. In C++, you can use the std::reverse() function to reverse an entire string at once. However, for our purposes, we will just walk through each character of the string and swap it with its counterpart in the reversed string.

Question: How do you sort an array of integers using insertion sort?

Insertion Sort is an efficient sorting algorithm that relies on taking elements from the front of the list and inserting them into their correct positions. It works by iterating through each element in turn, swapping it to its proper place as we go along until no swaps occur at all. This means that our last iteration only has one number justify after we’re finished! Here’s how we can implement this idea in code: std::sort(begin(numbers), end(numbers)); // Note: A C++11 version would be ‘std::stable_sort’ instead of just ‘sort’.

Resize your vector so that it has double the capacity. Then, move all of the elements that are greater than or equal to x into this new vector and set them to zero in your original vector. Lastly, copy over only those elements from your second vector back into your first one where x is less than or equal to them.

Question: How do you sort an array using quick sort?

Quick Sort is another efficient sorting algorithm that relies on partitioning up a list until we get down to just two items – one item which should go before our pivot value and then everything else after it (which will also come before any other values). Here’s how we can implement this idea in code: std::sort(begin(numbers), end(numbers)); // Note: A C++11 version would be ‘std::stable_sort’ instead of just ‘sort’.

voidquickSort(int numbers[], int low, int high) {

std::partition(begin(&numbers), end(&numbers), begin(numbers)); }

Question: Write a program that takes two integers from the user and finds their greatest common divisor.

The GCD algorithm is one of the most classic algorithms in computer science! It relies on thinking recursively about how to divide by smaller values until we have no more elements justify. While it’s not the fastest way to solve this problem, it makes sense when you get down to see what’s going on at each step!

intgcd(int a, int b) {

std::cout<< “GCD(“<< a << “, “<< b << ‘)’ <<std::endl; }

Question: Why does the Quicksort algorithm have an average run time of O(n log n)?

The worst-case scenario for implementation of quicksort is that it will take O(n^²). However, this only happens if the input list contains many duplicate values. In practice, we can avoid doing expensive operations on these lists by using a partition to break them up into two separate collections where all elements inside are unique! With our efficient partition method in place, sorting becomes much simpler since we don’t need to check whether or not any of our values are, in fact, duplicates. This lets us avoid the worst-case scenario entirely!

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