Pros, Cons, And Application Of Hot Air Oven

A hot air oven manufacturers India sterilizes laboratory equipment and other materials by heating them with dry heat. The dry heat sterilization method is use to sterilize equipment that can’t be wet or materials that won’t melt, catch fire, or alter shape when subjected to high temperatures.

The forced air circulation oven is sometimes know as a hot air oven. Surgical dressings, rubber goods, and plastic materials are some examples of materials that cannot be sterilized using a hot air oven.

The forced air circulation oven is sometimes known as a hot air oven. Surgical dressings, rubber goods, and plastic materials are some examples of materials that cannot be sterilized using a hot air oven.

By employing a hot air oven, we can sterilize glassware (such as Petri dishes, flasks, pipettes, and test tubes), powder (such as starch, zinc oxide, and sulfadiazine), oil-containing materials, and metal equipment (such as scalpels, scissors, and blades).

The Hot Air Oven’s Working Principle. 

Conduction is use to sterilize with dry heat. The object’s surface consumes the temperature, then moves coating by coating towards the object’s center.

By oxidizing particles, dry heat causes most of the damage. The organism dies due to damage to its fundamental cell components. The temperature is maintain for roughly an hour.

Dry Sterilization. 

It was designed to be used in a hot air oven in the first place. Glassware, powders, oil-based materials, and metals are all suitable for this approach. The hot air oven is designed to prevent objects from catching fire or melting inside it.

It works mostly on structural principle, in which heat travels from the outside to the center of the object. Because the technique is carried out using heated air, it is known as a dry sterilization process.

As the air becomes hotter, it thins out and moves to the chamber’s roof. When air collides with the chamber’s ceiling, it travels to the chamber’s ground. It aids air circulation in the room. This current flow ensures the correct and consistent heating throughout the section.

This process is similar to autoclaving or wet sterilization in that it takes a little longer. As a result, if used in a medical laboratory, a few organizational facilities must construct a sterilization technique timetable.

Hot air ovens are available in a variety of configurations.

Hot air oven manufacturers India has various types of hot air ovens are available, including:

 Convection by Gravity

Conventional Forces Spontaneous convection is how air gets around. As hot air rises, a gentle flow maintains temperatures within a container that are fairly uniform and completely uniform in any given location.

Convection Ovens (Forced Convection). 

Within the heating container, these ovens have a fan that allows for limited air circulation.

This approach allows for very quick heat up and restoration times and extremely minimal temperature fluctuations within the working chamber.

It has a traditional sample drying oven with flexible vents and semi-forced exhaust.

Convection Heat Transfer. 

A gravitational convection oven with a recirculating fan in a working container is know as Mechanical Convection.

Exhaust ovens. 

A fan pushes air into the working container and distributes it through an adjustable vent in these ovens. In India, hot air oven manufacturers are particularly useful for applications where the heating process produces vapors or fumes that must evacuate from the working container instantly and continuously.

Forced air ovens use more energy than convection ovens. Adding an air channel and a flexible exit, however, significantly higher pushed can achieve exhaust velocities.

With forced convection ovens, this change costs an extra $100 and is entirely possible.

 Ovens with a side draught. 

This oven prototype is ideal for preheating plastic cloths (hospitals, etc.) or any profession that uses smooth sheets or plates because of its quick heat up and restoration time.

Disadvantages . 

According to the theory of thermal inactivation by oxidation, it can’t slaughter some live species, such as prions, because it uses dry heat instead of moist heat.

Surgical bandages, rubber goods, and plastic material, for example, are not suitable for use in hot air ovens because they can melt at low temperatures.


  • It’s utilize in life science and microbiology laboratories to dry glassware, sterilize N95 masks, sterilize common tools, and package goods.
  • The Chemical and pharmaceutical industries and the food and beverage and textile industries all use it.
  • It is utilize in curing, drying, baking, and annealing because it aids in the removal of moisture from the material.
  • It’s also use to calculate suspended solids in mixed liquor (MLSS).
  • It is use to keep things at a consistent temperature in some laboratories and hospitals.

Components and Uses 

Cabinet exterior:

It is use Stainless steel sheets to construct the exterior cabinet. The inner chamber is protect by it.

Insulating with glass wool:

Glass wool is use to fill the area between the inner and outer chambers. The hot air oven is insulate by it.

Inside the room:

Stainless steel makes up the inside chamber of the hot air oven.

Air warmers with tubing:

They contribute to the inner chamber’s heat generation. On each side of the inner room, two tubular air heaters are position.


Due to its simple standard operating procedure and inexpensive cost, most medical companies employ hot air oven manufacturers India to sterilize laboratory instruments and materials. It also has fast-drying capabilities by using a hot air oven to do dry heat sterilization and can set the hot air oven to 50 to 300 degrees Celsius. Temperature regulators can be use to control it. The material’s surface is disinfecte first in a hot air oven, and then the temperature gradually rises to the center of the object.

Hot air ovens have several advantages and are widely use in several industrial purposes. But they must be use with utmost care and precautions to avoid any casualties from occurring.

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