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 The term tajwid is derived from the word jawada, meaning “enhancement” or “to make something excellent”. Technically, it means giving every letter its right in reciting the Qur’an. Quran Tutors For Tajweed Classes.

Recitation of the Holy Quran with tajweed means that the more improved and better way to recite the Quran. When tajwid comes to the Quran, it gives us a set of rules which is settled for the guidance to recite the Quran in the best way.

In actuality, it was applied when Arabs started to mix up with non-Arabs, the Arabs decided to apply a set of rules called tajwid to keep peoples away from making mistakes in Quran’s recitation.

Importance of Quran learning with Tajweed

According to Fiqh learning Quran’s recitation with tajweed is “farḍ al-kifaya (فرض الكفاية)”. This means that it is a duty which is imposed on the whole Muslim community (ummah). It is very important to learn the Quran with tajweed because it is the only way you get satisfaction from reading the Quran that you haven’t made any mistake in the Quran’s recitation and pronunciation of its words. The one who does not apply rules of tajweed becomes a sinner. So, it is a basic necessity for every Muslim to learn Quran with tajwid. In this regard, the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

The one who is proficient with the Qur’an will be with the noble and righteous scribes (the angels), and the one who reads it and stumbles over it, finding it difficult, will have two rewards.”

The importance of tajwid is also mentioned in Quran as well as Almighty Allah says in surah al-furqaan:

“Read the Quran slowly and with satisfaction.”

Allah (SWT) further says in surah Bani Israel:

“We have revealed the Holy Qur’an in a clear and concise manner so that you can recite it in front of the people with proper order.”

The above mentioned verses are telling us the importance of tajweed as it is ordered by Allah to recite and teach the Quran with tajweed.

The rights of Quran upon Muslims

The Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said

“Recite the Quran, because it will come on the Day of Judgement and intercede for its people.”

We, the Muslims claims that the Quran has rules to regulate our lives according to the orders of Allah. We know that it is a written rule book for us, it is a guidance for us in each and every matter of our life. But this is not the only thing for which the Quran matters. Quran will be a proof of our deeds on the day of judgment as the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said,

الطُّهُورُ شَطْرُ الإِيمان، والحَمدُ لله تَمْلأُ الميزَانَ، وَسُبْحَانَ الله والحَمدُ لله تَملآن – أَوْ تَمْلأُ – مَا بَينَ السَّماوَاتِ وَالأَرْضِ، والصَّلاةُ نُورٌ، والصَّدقةُ بُرهَانٌ، والصَّبْرُ ضِياءٌ، والقُرْآنُ حُجةٌ لَكَ أَوْ عَلَيْكَ

“Cleanliness is half of faith and ‘Alḥamdulillāh’ fills the scale, and ‘SubḥānAllāh’ and ‘Alḥamdulillāh’ fill all that is between the heavens and the earth, and prayer is a light, and charity is proof of one’s faith and patience is brightness, and the Qur’ān is a proof for you or against you.”

The Quran is not a book that we just keep aside in our houses, it has the right to be focused. We must recite our Holy Quran on daily bases and it’s our duty to understand it with deep concentration. Because without giving it time, the Quran will not give any statement in our favor on the day of judgment nor will we be able to achieve Allah’s blessings and love.

Quran tutors for tajweed classes

Learning in a comfortable environment makes learning much better. Having a tutor for tajweed classes is a very convenient way to learn the Quran with a teacher of your own choice. Online Quran has a number of tutors with excellent proficiency and vast experience of teaching with the expertise in tajwid, so that you can find a tutor of your own choice easily.

Learn Quran online by online Quran classes

Online classes of Quran, removes all the hurdles between you and your Quran learning. If someone is facing timing issues or travelling problems or unavailability of any Quran teaching institute then all these problems are to be flown away. With the online Quran learning by online classes you can schedule classes according to your time with a teacher of your own choice. Online Quran learning is also very good for school going students because with this facility students can easily manage their both studies efficiently.

Learning tajweed rules online

There are over 70 rules of tajweed and learning the Quran with tajweed takes a lot. It also depends upon the learner how long it takes to learn. But learning tajweed rules with online classes makes the learning more efficient and perfect because in online classes a learner can spend as much time as it requires to learn perfectly.

Benefits of learning Quran online with tajweed

There are multiple benefits of learning the Quran online with tajweed.

  •       You can be the best among others according to this hadith,

 “The best of you are the ones who learn the Qur’an and

teach it to others” [Al-Bukhari]

  •   You can make your way towards the Heaven, as this Hadith tells us that:

“The Qur’an is an intercessor, something given permission to

intercede, and it is rightfully believed in. Whoever puts it in front of him, it will lead him to Paradise; whoever puts it behind him, it will steer him to the Hellfire.”

[An authentic hadith found in At-Tabarani, on the authority of ‘Abdullaah ibn Mas’ood]

  •   As Quran’s recitation and its learning needs complete focus so an online class gives a quiet and lonely environment to focus.
  •   Teaching a single student at a time gives a chance to tutor to teach his student more effectively.
  •   Online learning of tajweed rules gives you an advantage that all learning material will be available online.
  •   With the online tajweed classes you can take your classes with continuity and punctually.
  •   Online Quran and tajweed classes remove every sort of security concern as well for parents.
  •   Online tajweed classes are also beneficial for adults as they feel ashamed to go to any Quran learning institute.
  •   Recitation of the Quran with tajweed increases the number of good deeds.
  •       As Quran makes a direct connection between Allah and Quran’s reciters so teaching and learning Quran leads you to eternal success.
Online Quran learning with tajweed for kids and adults

In contrast to the traditional way of Quran learning, the advanced method of Quran learning by online classes attracts kids towards it. Different platforms are providing online classes with the use of different and attractive resources with lots of different learning materials, online quizzes and recitation competitions which keeps the children attached to it.

Moreover, the online Quran classes with tajwid are giving a wonderful chance to adults to learn and revise Quran with a comfortable environment’s. Visit our website for further details ” Quran Tutors For Tajweed Classes

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