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Rattan Chair – Affordable, Beautiful & Mobile

A lot has been said and beautiful furniture made from them. If you are currently in the market for some rattan chairs, let’s take a brief and basic look at why you should really stick with your choice.

Rattan a natural made from different types of palm cane cores. It is often a solid and rigid material such as furniture case-in-point, woven to make chairs.

Rattan is mainly found in Far East Asian countries like the Philippines and Malaysia. It is cheap because it is very easy to harvest because it requires simple tools. It is also very easy to transport because it can be put together in a relatively small cargo truck and on top of each other. Processing cane (for making furniture) is very simple because only a simple peel of the skin of the strand neede to expose its root.

After processing, the only step left is the assembly and weaving of the finished product

Rattan can wove in any shape that is conceivable depending on the skill level of the worker or craftsman. Once it takes shape, it’s hard to deny the naturally attractive look of woven wood cores that mimic some of its hardest parts.

Made from light wood, the finished product is both durable and lightweight (and somewhat flexible). A full-size rattan chair manufacturer weighs no more than 40 pounds and can be easily carried. This makes it a popular choice for those who often move themselves to an apartment/house.

The choices for cane chairs are endless. There is a complete sofa, love seat, single, rocking chair, etc. Any type of chair can make with a cane – some entirely from it and others in parts. Rattan is also very popular for use as a backrest due to its natural ability to circulate air.

How to hang rattan chairs

Rattan chairs are an incredible resource around your home. The style and elegance they carry will add flavor to the area where you hang the rattan chairs. By hanging a rattan chair you can turn an ordinary chair into a place of heaven. The process of hanging a chair is not difficult, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind when doing it.

  1. You need to make sure that there is enough space to hang the chair. There should be a clearance space of at least six to eight feet above the place where the chair will be. There should be at least three feet of space behind the cane chair for movement. You can adjust the amount of clearance space to create a comfortable gap between the chair and the floor so that you don’t fall off the chair and it will be high enough off the ground to enjoy.
  2. Using a tool to find the studs, you need to find the ceiling gist, which will use to hang the chair. The center of the joystick will provide the safest and most secure suspension.
  3. Next, you will need a 5/16 wooden drill bit. It will use to drill a hole about five inches deep in the joystick. This pilot hole must be perpendicular to or with the ceiling. Be careful with the joystick and be sure not to split it. The hole should drille in the center for maximum stability.
  4. You will now need to secure the bolt to the ceiling gist until secured. Each thread of the bolt should disappear into the ceiling pilot hole. Note that it will not move when it carries weight.
  5. Using a large S-hook, you will now be able to secure and suspend the cane chair. Place some weight before sitting on the chair so that the eyebolt protecte and the chair does not fall under the weight pressure.
  6. You now have a hanging rattan chair to enjoy and relax. Do not turn around the chair and shake too hard, otherwise, it will fall off the eye bolt.

You can now get countless hours of rest and peace with a great piece of rattan chair manufacturer. If you are smart and responsible with your cane chair, you can enjoy it safely for a long time.

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