Real Estate Photography Tricks in the Night

It is very common to take pictures of real estates in the morning, but how about real estate photography in the evening, will they also give you that same quality of pictures that is a photo shoot in the morning?

Here are some of the real estate photography tricks in the evening:

  1. Creative ideas for real estate photo shoot with people

Normally, people during the time of the photo shoot will usually hinder. But when it’s in the evening photo shoot, then the crowds can possibly add variety and with a certain charm. When the people are just stationary, they will be used by the photographers as “silhouettes”. But for some photo shoot that the people are in motion when the shutter speeds about 1/4-1/2 seconds, you’ll obtain an interesting outcome of “creative blur” that is emphasizing a movement.

  1. What is the ISO Better?

The ISO selection will depend on the kind of night shot when you wish to do. For the urban scenes with the slow shutter speed, if you are using the tripod, you may choose the ISO 100-200. It can assist to decrease the level of noise and to preserve the maximum details. When you rent a thing, even in the evening it will require a relatively little exposure, use a maximum ISO in which the camera produces pictures with the best quality. In addition, always remember that the very long exposure will lead to the heating of a matrix camera, and it will lead to important noise even with the ISO small.

  1. Time for Real Estate Night Photography

If you think about the real estate night photography tips, you should also think of the time. Different times will allow you to have different effects. Strangely, the finest time for the night photography will not always be at the core of the night. At times interesting shots will be at dusk if the night lights are already burning, however, the skies are still dark. The electric and balances combination of the natural lighting may help you to make that really unique picture. The late at night photo shoot will make you to unlikely capture those beautiful clouds, although in the evening it’s quite possible.

  1. White Balance for the Real Estate Night Photography

When you are using auto white balance, the camera will play that cruel joke, because in the evening, it is just hard to choose what white balance is proper. To become more confident in an outcome, use a manual balance. You can try at setting “cloudy” when you want to take the yellowish, warmer image or the “artificial lights” to get that colder real estate picture.

  1. Motion Blur Pictures

The category of pictures with the “blurred movement” is also able of transforming a picture to another. It is also simple to achieve this when shooting in the night, tripod and with long exposure. Try also shooting the property with the street and then separate the glow from the headlight of the passing car that turn to fire and also the lights from the river in the backyard.

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