Realtor vs. Mortgage Broker Oakville. Is There a Difference?

You may want to buy a new home in Ontario, or you may want to sell it. You will also have found plenty of information on the internet regarding property sales and purchases. Whether you have directly landed on the relevant websites or read a step-by-step guide, you might have some doubts. For instance, you may have come across titles, such as a realtor, salesperson, and mortgage broker in Oakville. All of the preceding titles represent property buying and selling, so: Why have they distinct titles? You aren’t alone like many other people who have confusion between these titles. Thus, we shall clear the differences between these titles to help you understand whether they differ or not. Without further ado, let us begin our clarification:

Real Estate Regulations That Apply to Ontario

You can comprehend the titles, realtor, broker, and salesperson realizing the Real Estate Trading Structure in Ontario. The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) supervises Real Estate in the province. Registrar runs RECO with broad and diverse responsibilities as a Real Estate itself. One of the roles of this council is processing the education and certification of Real Estate Professionals. Humber College is the designated Real Estate education provider the registrar has appointed until now. Previously, the education provider was Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA).

Furthermore, a registrant is a real estate professional with the license to practice or trade in Ontario. The registrar performs background checks on registrants who complete the Real Estate education program before permitting anyone to trade-in. 

Salespersons or Brokers in Oakville. What’s the Difference?

The two types of Ontario registrants are salespersons and brokers. You can also call salespersons as sales representatives for your understanding. They are lower-level practitioners than brokers. Salespersons have to register with a Real Estate Brokerage, and a broker superintends a broker. Conversely, a mortgage broker in Oakville undergoes more training as compared to a salesperson. Thus, brokers have the responsibility to oversee the salespersons in the office. Additionally, salespersons and brokers need to meet the continuing education requirement for every registration cycle of 2 years. 

The Similarity Between Real Estate Salespersons and Brokers  

Both salespersons and brokers run their brokerage and see their branch offices is the distinction between two titles. Moreover, the similarity between these two practitioners is that they can equally trade any asset class.  

Nonetheless, a real estate agent isn’t the correct title for someone in the Real Estate business. Yet, many people use this wrong title worldwide. As per the concept of a Real Estate Agency, a real estate agent is the brokerage itself and not an employee. You can also verify registered real estate professionals via the Registrant search tool on RECO’s website. It will also aid you in avoiding acquiring the services of a deceitful real estate agent.  

The Role of Realtor

The term Realtor is the trademark of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). It means a person who is a member of CREA. Some realtors may also have OREA’’s and local board’s membership as per their location in Ontario. Besides, realtors stick to a strict code of ethics, have access to supplementary courses, training, and more. Registrants need to refer to themselves with standard names set by RECO: a salesperson or a broker. Even some realtors can designate themselves as brokers or salespersons, according to a bill passed previously in Ontario. Hence, salespersons, brokers, and realtors are meaningful titles. Yet, mortgage brokers are better than salespersons for a person having the interest to buy or sell properties in Ontario.  


You may want to invest in a new home, or you may want to sell it in Ontario. You will also have come across titles, such as a realtor, salesperson, and mortgage broker in Oakville online. The aforementioned titles also confuse many people like you while searching for information concerning real estate sales/purchases. To add to your knowledge, RECO oversees real estate in the province. The registrar runs RECO and also processes real estate education of real estate professionals alongside certifications. Two types of real estate professionals are salespersons and brokers. However, brokers receive more training than salespersons and also supervise the latter. Additionally, a realtor is CREA’s trademark, and realtors can also designate themselves as brokers or salespersons. Lastly, there is no difference between real estate salespersons and brokers, except both practitioners can run their brokerage.     

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