Role of Add-Ons in Creating Custom Lipstick Boxes

Lipstick is a beauty product, so it’s not good if you haven’t designed your lipstick boxes in a creative and great way. Customization gives you a full opportunity to design your custom lipstick boxes according to your desire. In this way, your lipstick boxes should have a look that can attract the customer’s traffic. Your packaging has great worth in your product branding and promotion of your business. 

So using a customization option would be a beneficial decision for you. There are many companies who are selling their product through their perfect and attractive packaging. Your packaging plays an important role in attracting the customer, your packaging will directly reflect the valuation of your business. 

Use Of Add-Ons in Lipstick Boxes

Add-ons are the additional material used for giving a professional look to your custom lipstick boxes. Following are some benefits of using add-ons so you can get an idea about their importance.

  • Help in the growth of your business
  • Attract more the customer 
  • Satisfy your customers
  • Give a professional look to your boxes
  • Fulfill all the terms of protection 
  • Help in developing customer’s interest
  • The proper platform of marketing 

There are lots of ideas to use add-ons that are discussed here that you can use for providing custom lipstick boxes with a better look.

Different Add-ons that Used In Lipstick Boxes  

Customization provides you with a full exemption to design your custom lipstick boxes attractively, so why don’t you make your packaging professional? You can make your products professional and branded if you use custom lipstick packaging. There are different add-ons used for different purposes to protect and give a new look to your boxes.


Embossing is the process of pressing the design outward from the surface of the boxes that give a creative look to the boxes. It will provide a three-dimensional look to the boxes and give a beautiful look to your custom lipstick boxes.


Debossing is the reverse process of embossing, in which designs are forced inward to the surface of the box. There are special machines used for embossing and debossing. Not only that but there is also a special quality material used for this purpose.

Die-Cut Designs

Die-cut is a process of cutting of custom lipstick boxes to make it creative. Die-cutting provides a window to your boxes in any shape according to your desire. These die-cut designs can help the customer to see the actual lipstick placed inside the box. In other way, it also enhances the look of our packaging and makes your lipstick product recognizable.

Foil Stamping

Your packaging boxes always should have a unique and bright look, because it has a more chance to attract the customers as compared to simple and dull. As you know, foil is a shiny material, so you can use know foil stamping on the custom printed lipstick boxes for satisfying the customers and developing their interest in your brand.


For making the lipstick boxes charming and inspiring your customers, inserts are used. Inserts are the informational document inside the customized lipstick boxes that help the customers to get the proper guideline about the lipstick product. Additionally, you can also use inserts for making your customers happy by sending them best wishes, thank you for shopping or inspiring quotations, etc. These things can inspire the customers and develops the interest of the customer in your brand.

Different Coatings

Coatings are the different layers of plastic and other materials that can give protection to your boxes and your product. Following are some coatings that is use for the lipstick boxes.

UV Coating: UV coating is the protective layer that has the capability to protect your lipstick product from ultraviolet radiation. This coating also provides your boxes a shiny look and does not allow ultraviolet rays to enter in the boxes. It protects your lipstick from high temperatures.

Aqueous Coating: This is the transplant coating that protects your lipstick from damages and prevents from moisture to enter into the box. In this, your product is safe from a moisture environment.

High Gloss UV Coating: It has the same function as UV coating done with a bit difference in its shiny look. In this way, it provides a more shiny look to your custom lipstick boxes and engages the customer’s attraction from far away. 

Matte UV Coating: This coating also protects your lipstick product from UV rays and provides a smooth look to your customized lipstick boxes. This coating is commonly use with foil stamping. It can dull the box, and light falls on the boxes. It gives a smooth look and does not allow the light to reflect. 

Additionally Color Combination 

Giving color to your print on the custom lipstick boxes is the basic need, but there are some additional color combinations is used for coloring the boxes, which are discussed below:

CMYK: CMYK are the basic colors used in the printing customization and are known as Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Brack. These color combinations are used to make other colors and provide a unique and attractive look to your custommade lipstick boxes.

PMS: The PMS abbreviation is Pantone Color Matching System, there are more than 1000 colors in PMS, so customization provides you to choose the best and attractive color as per customer’s demand and interest. 

Protection Through Bubble Sheet

In shipping or delivery, your lipstick products may face many jerks while transportation, so using bubble sheet wrapping is the best option for the protection of your lipsticks from damages. Not only that, bubble sheets are commonly use for wrapping to prevent the products from damages. It satisfies the customer that you are providing them with a fully protective and safe product. It also exerts a positive impression of your brand on the customer’s mind.


Use the add-one for giving a great and attractive look to your products and custom lipstick boxes. Using add-ons satisfies the customer and develops the interest of the customers in your product. Not only that, add-one provides protection to your products as well as your packaging boxes.
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