Samsung a50 screen replacement price in Nigeria

Samsung a50 screen replacement price 

The A50 isn’t a “plus” model of the Samsung A50 however, it has an impressive 6.4 inches diagonal display width. This is exactly the same as Galaxy S10+ and the Note 9 and Galaxy S10+. It’s a given that If you’re not a fan of large phones, the A50 is likely to not appeal to you.

If you’re able to handle its dimensions, it’s a great phone. A50 is a very elegant phone at $350. As with the S10e model, it’s also a phone that Galaxy A50 has a “flat” Infinity U screen, unlike the curved display of Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note lines. Because it’s flat, there are bezels that are visible everywhere, however they’re not distracting even the slightest. If you’re using a Galaxy S, in fact, you might appreciate these bezels because you’re less likely to get your fingers on the sides of the screen by accident using the incorrect grip. The display’s signature feature–the small high-pitched notch that houses the selfie camera–makes the entire device appear smaller than any 6.4-inch phone could.

What’s not great is the Samsung a50 fingerprint sensor that is built at the bottom of the screen?

Samsung has opted to use an optical scanner instead than the ultrasonic one used on the S10, However, the results aren’t less uneven. After a review midway review update, missing scans and error messages were common. I often chose to input my passcode instead of even attempt.

It’s cool looking, however there’s a reason in-screen scanners tend to be more prevalent on mid-range phones than on top models, as the technology isn’t as refined as the more expensive screen it’s designed to replace.

In this case, if you’re using an application which doesn’t cover the entire screen, the top couple of millimeters of screen are bent slightly to the right, something that you can’t see on the S10 or the Note 9.

If you’re hoping to experience rich blacks or dazzling resolution of Galaxy S10 displays, you will not get it with the A50.

However, you can expect vibrant, clear, and vivid images even if they’re slightly too bright for me on using the standard Adaptive Display option.

In the end, it’s not difficult to match Samsung’s top Galaxy phones, whose screens are among the top on the market. For the cost, the A50 still has a decent display.

Superior performance of Samsung a50 screen replacement than you expected and long battery life

In terms of performance in terms of performance, the A50 runs on a basic principle: good enough is sufficient. It’s got 64 GB of internal storage. It can be expanded to 512 GB using an MicroSD card. It does not have wireless charging, however it will charge fast straight out of the box.

Samsung’s own Exynos 9610 processor is not familiar to U.S. buyers, but they’ll be able to tell the different between it and Snapdragon 600 series processors that power the other models.

The processor of the A50 is enhanced by a satisfying dose of 4 GB of RAM that gives the phone an even, but not fast, performance.

It’s not the beast that is the Samsung S10’s Snapdragon 855 does, however anyone who is considering the A50 is likely to not require this much power.

Its Exynos 9610 is capable of handling tasks that aren’t too demanding and swiftly switching between apps. In comparison with the Pixel 3a I experienced more hiccups as well as glitches however,

Also, since the A50 runs the latest version of Samsung’s Android Pie-powered One UI.

It often seems to be even more responsive than it actually is.

Samsung’s OS upgrade could be a major improvement over its flagship phones, sporting excellent gesture navigation and lovely visual elements.

Like Live icons to icons like the Clock as well as Calendar icon, as well as a fantastic dark mode. The most significant improvements are in speed and efficiency, specifically on phones like the A50. Graphics and animations feel quick and apps load fast, as well as gesture-based navigation. Seamless and fast, a remarkable achievement for a device in this price bracket.

More impressive than the speed of the A50, however, it’s battery.

Samsung has equipped the A50 with a powerful 4,500mAh battery,

which is almost twice as large as the battery in the Note 10+ and the S10Plus and the Note 10+. In tests, the A50 exceeded 10 hours. In actual use, the performance was more efficient because of One UI’s power saving feature that is adaptive. It’s easy to get through a whole day of usage using the A50. 15W fast charging allows you to charge it fast, but not wirelessly, unfortunately.

Three cameras don’t necessarily mean more effective than just one.

In theory, the best characteristic is its camera. It has an incredible capability that are comparable to the top smartphones on the market:

  • Camera 1: 25MP, f/1.7
  • Camera 2: 5MP Depth, f/2.2
  • Camera 3: 8MP Ultra-wide (123 degrees FOV), f/2.2

Compare it to phones such as

That of the Pixel 3a, which has only a single lens with 12MP, or even an even more expensive phone like the Galaxy S10+.

And the A50 features a huge camera system for a low-cost phone. The ultra-wide-angle lens will be useful, and it is able to get great pictures using it.

Should you buy a Samsung Galaxy A50?

In a flash, budget phones are all the rage. The sales of premium phones are down while prices continue to increase. The Galaxy Note 10+ starts at $1,100. It’s not a surprise that Android manufacturers are targeting the low-end of the scale to boost their business. This is great news for Android users.

The A50 is the best image of this. With a price tag of $350, there’s plenty to like. It’s got a beautiful style, a sturdy screen, and an excellent camera. It’s not yet available for AT&T or T-Mobile at the moment (and Samsung hasn’t announced whether it will be) However, it’s certainly not the only budget phone that can be restricted to certain carriers. Likewise, it’s bringing enough value to the table that people who are not subscribers may even think about changing carriers.

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