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Should You Repair Your Faulty Laptop or Replace it?

Nothing in this world goes all time fine. A sensitive device like Laptop is also not beyond that. Sometimes it falls from your hand and breaks down; sometimes it takes a long time to start or respond; often it does not start after getting it shut down etc. That surely makes one worried. He or she starts looking for the solution. They think whether they should repair the laptop or replace it with a new one. Replacing the faulty one with a new one is not always possible all of a sudden. Accumulating funds for that is not always easy. Simultaneously wasting too much money behind the old one is also not appropriate. So, one must understand the intensity of the problem. For that you have to identify the actual fault. Go through this blog post to know whether you need to repair your laptop or replace it. 

Detection of fault

What can we not search in Google godfather? Write your problem in Google search box and get the probable reasons behind the fault. Use your smartphone in that case. Then of course try to mend it as per instruction of the site. If that does not build up you may consult it with your friend or office colleagues who are using laptops for a long time. Who knows that they can get you the solution? But mind it that it does not get worse with your extra and wrong effort. So, before it gets worse, go and consult with an IT professional or a hardware expert. After the detection of the fault, the next issue that comes up is whether you meet up the cost of the repair or replace it.

Repairing charges

Always try to get a rough estimation of repairing cost before the job gets done. Never make a hurry and take sudden decisions. It may cost you badly. If you find the repairing cost is one third of its original cost, then it is better that you should not go for it. Because, you know, sometimes the repaired goods do not give efficient services. It might trouble you once again. 

Age of your Laptop

You have to take it mind the age of the Laptop. If it is 5 + years old, it is not worth repairing. If it is 4-5 year old you may go either way. But if that is within the age of 2 years you should go for it. If it is within warranty period or extended warranty period, the question of bearing the charges does not arise.

Intensity of the problem

Check the seriousness of the problem and its feasibility of repairing. If the main logic board of the laptop is busted it is beyond repair. But the other things like cooling function, RAM related issues, HARD DISK trouble – they are within the grip of repair. 

Check the warranty of your laptop

Generally most of the brands of laptop give one year warranty with some basic conditions. All accidental matters do not fall within the warranty period. Often we remain unaware about the extended warranty that is sometimes provided by the credit-card companies for purchasing through them. So, let’s check the warranty of the laptop. Be cent-percent sure that your laptop is not within warranty before going to nearby Laptop service center.

Let’s discuss the probable ways of repairing

Repairing Warranty – Whenever you go for the repair of your laptop, always try to know the warranty period of the repairing. If the repairing cost is worthy, the warranty period also should be long- at least of 90days. If they do not give you any warranty, then think twice about repairing there. The warranty period may of course vary for the different parts and materials of the laptop. Repairing longevity should be proportionate to the repairing cost.

Check the online reviews & ratings – You should give yourself a bit time to check the online reviews before choosing a Laptop Repairing Service Center. You may also consult your senior professionals who have been using this for long.

Time span for repairing Must ask the service center how long they would take for repairing. Unusual delay in delivery may cause prestigious talk fighting. So, get to know the probable delivery date. If that date does not suit you, tell it clearly to the service provider.

Security of your laptop and the data during repairing – Must consult about the security of the laptop in his custody. Also take assurance of recovery of hard disk data. Take a survey about the reputation of the repairing center. Did any theft occur in the past? If that happens with your lap, what would they provide you? Sort out these before getting into debate unnecessarily. 

So in conclusion it may be said that there are a lot of understandable issues before getting your laptop repaired. Take your decision with a cool brain. Hold your nerves before getting involved in an uneasy situation with your faulty laptop. Vet your work of repairing properly, exchange lots of questions with the service center.

For more information type “laptop repair center near me” in Google search to find your nearest service center and visit to consult with a technician.

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