Squid Game Tracksuits

Squid Games Tracksuits

In the winter seasons, most people demand tracksuit as they feel comfortable in it. They can wear it as casual wear as well as sportswear. In Lycos gears, we have a lot of gears for our buyers but as per public demand now we are selling squid game tracksuits.

Squid game is one of the most popular Netflix shows, which people really liked. The people also really liked the costume which was worn by the characters which was a pale color tracksuit. We introduced the same tracksuit for the people who liked the season and wanted to wear squid game tracksuits.

The squid game tracksuit color is pale which is a very unique and attractive color. People love to wear the tracksuit as it has many features such as soft material, long-lasting product, perfect size, and many more. The package comes with trousers and a top.

Features Of The Product

When any super hit the character’s name and the character’s outfit become very famous among the people and they demand this and want it to be the same outfit. As per demand, many online stores started selling tracksuits, but our product is better than all as we made the product with the best material. Visit Now for more information

If we talk about the features of the product, first we look upon the material used in the manufacturing of the product. The best product should be made of 100% original material. As manufacturers, we used the best and 100% original polyester, which made our product different and more attractive.

Many other online stores in the market are selling the same product but they are not the manufacturers of the product. As the manufacturers, we take care of customers’ needs.

green tracksuit

The durability of the product is also very necessary for the customers as they usually look for a product that can last for the seasons. Many of the customers do not like to buy the track for every new season. So we use the material in the fabrication of the product which will never be torn early and could last for many seasons.

As the squid game is a very famous season and many people like to wear their character suits, we manufacture and sell squid game green jumpsuits for the fans of all generations.

For the customer, the perfect size of the squid game tracksuits is also very important as it is very difficult for some people to find the exact size. There are many online stores that sell squid game tracksuits, which are scams as they do not provide the exact size which the customers demand.  Same as when the customers do not find their size it is very difficult to manage.

In lycos gears customer care is our first priority, and we try to fulfill the needs of our customers. We send the same size which the customer demands.

Squid Costume Polyester

The other thing for the durable product is stitching. The product which is stitched well could last for longer. As we are the manufacturers. We stitch the product in the perfect way so it could not torn or get unstitched from any side.

The squid season game is extremely popular with people, and children also like wearing the squid costume. A perfect present for Squid Game fans. It is suitable for events, cosplay, Halloween and sports, in addition to the everyday routine of school and more.

The teal hue is popular among young people because it’s unique and appealing. The set includes a comfy trouser as well as a warm top that zips. Polyester tracksuits are exclusive in the market as they are sought-after by those who want to be protect during wintertime. Our Squid green game suit is warm and cozy since polyester is used to make it.

For many years we have been in the market, and providing the best customer service. As sellers and manufacturers we are responsible for customer care. As per demand of the public we introduce squid game tracksuits, but besides this we have many other clothing products and gears.

Product Specifications

  • External Material: Cotton Polyester
  • Internal Material: Viscose Lining
  • Collar: Stand-up Collar
  • Closure: Zippered Closure
  • Cuffs: Rib-Knitted Cuffs
  • Pockets: Two Side Pockets
  • Color: Green Color

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