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Stretches For Lower Back Pain

Resolving Aches And Pains In Your Lower Back

Stretching your spine can be an effective way to relieve lower back pain. Slow, easy movements are key for lower back stretching the muscles of our backs and supporting them while we do so – but it’s important not only that they’re slow-paced (no bouncing!), they also need enough range of motion in order to make a difference! Check out these simple stretches: 

Child Pose:

A quick yoga pose is the best way to relieve back pain. No matter what your age, a child’s pose will relax tight muscles and allow you time for some well-needed rest! Lay out a mat on the floor with hands placed slightly wider than shoulder width apart (or if it feels more comfortable put a block under each hand). Slowly slide backwards until chest touches knees while maintaining position at all times; hold 30 seconds before coming forward again in an upright seated position.

Piriformis Seated Stretch:

This stretch is designed to help relieve sciatica, or radiating leg pain. The piriformis muscle often originates near your buttocks and lower back stretches as you sit with a straight back crossed legged next-to yourself placing right arm on top of left thigh while tucking it towards the body for extra support (as pictured). Be sure not only keep your spine aligned but also lift your chest upward during this time! Hold 20 seconds per side 3 times total; each session should last no longer than 5 minutes total so avoid doing them more frequently than 1 daily if possible because they may cause injury when overused.

Cat Cow Stretch:

The cat-cow stretch is a fantastic way to activate more muscles in your body. Get into the starting position that you use for child’s pose–your back should be parallel with the floor and make an arch like a kitty! Hold this shape, then slowly start rolling down each side of your spine by extending at first through both arms until they become limp against their sides (that means helping pull on those tailbones!). You can also roll one leg over while doing these movements or even lift it off slightly if needed so gravity doesn’t take over during this process.

Cobra Stretch:

This movement is helpful to stretch tight abdominal muscles and the lower back. Start by lying on your stomach with your legs extended, palms planted either side of head as if in prayer position (or as close to it as possible). Slowly push yourself up off the floor until only weight rests between hands; be sure hips stay pressed into the ground! Hold 10 seconds at the highest point before slowly drawing down again 5 times more for best benefit – try straightening out those spine while lifting just elbows.

Lower Back Twist:

Knees are a pain point for most people. Lie on your back and keep them bent to make the stretch more effective! Keep both knees facing forward, then pull one leg up so that it’s in line with your shoulders or behind you at an angle towards the other hipbone (depending if it’s injured). Hold this position 20 seconds while breathing deeply before switching sides again- repeat 4 times total per session.

Bird Dog:

This dynamic stretch will engage all the muscles in your back and core. Start on hands and knees like you do when performing a child’s pose, extend right leg out behind with hips straight ahead while left hand stretched forward of shoulder for 5 seconds (or more). Then repeat same movements but this time using opposite limbs – go from down dog position switched sides every few repeats until finished)

Knee To Chest Stretches:

This stretching pose is a great alternative to a child’s pose if you have trouble kneeling on the floor. Lie down and place your hands behind your knees, then lift up so that both legs extend out in front of them. If this position feels too difficult due to lower back pain or other injuries make sure not forget about breathing! Keep moving from side-to-side as well during each session until all tension has been released from muscles throughout the entire body – even those which may be tight just seconds ago.

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