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Swimming with Dolphins Etiquette You Should Know

People often visit Dolphinariums or wild Dolphins habitats to swim and interact with these human-friendly mammals. The natural behavior of these bottlenose water creatures is somewhat different, and you should not hurt them by loving them. Do you know that Dolphins hunt at night and sleep in the daytime? It is the case with wild creatures, though, and those in Dolphinariums might render a different pattern. However, swimming with them without proper education or guide might hurt you. This post explains swimming with Dolphins etiquette you should know before this activity. Keep reading to know more!

Swimming With Dolphins Etiquette:

Dolphins are funny creatures who can make you laugh and amuse with their acrobatic skills and sweet vocal sounds. Playing with them in waters could be a memorable experience of your life; however, you should not dive with them without proper knowledge and etiquette. We have gathered a few points that will help ensure safety while swimming with these bottlenose mammals. Let us go through them quickly!

1. Just float:

Dolphins are intelligent beings, and they can sense love vibrations from you. If you are in the same pool as them, make sure you don’t make the first move. Dolphins will come closer to you if they want to. All you need to do is float around them and send loving vibrations if you are swimming with a pod of wild mammals.

When you are in a Dolphinarium, the story could be different. Dolphins in such areas are well-trained and understand what the trainer tells them. You can enjoy the encounter and play with them as the trainer asks. Do you want to swim with these funny water creatures to make your day? Try swimming with Dolphins Dubai with your loved ones!

2. Do not litter:

Offenders are not allowed near these human-friendly mammals and if you see one, speak up to the authorities. It would be best not to litter around Dolphins and avoid dropping anything in the pool that could hurt them. Taking care of their habitat is an essential etiquette that everyone must follow.

The management at Dolphinariums restricts visitors from taking extra materials with them into the water. It is because they want to protect them and their habitats since they can get mad at any offensive action.

3. Do not splash with your arms:

It would be best not to move your arms too much to avoid splashing when swimming near them. Dolphins never like sudden touches and moves, and if you lift your hand or splash, they might get mad. Since the trainer will be with you, you don’t need to kick too hard or splash as he will protect you.

Most people often neglect this point and splash around these mammals, shading them. Ask your trainer before you make any sudden movements or need to get out of the pool due to any reason.

4. Do not feed them:

Dolphins don’t need help feeding, and you should not try to help them with this. Either in open waters or a Dolphinarium, you should never try to feed these mammals as it could be dangerous for them and you. Wild Dolphins are great hunters, and Dolphinariums take care of the mammals under their protection; why feed them?

Dolphins won’t take your food, neither will the management allow you to do so. They are well-fed and well taken care of in Dolphinariums.

5. Do not touch pregnant females:

A Dolphinarium or ocean may contain pregnant females, and you should avoid touching them. If you see a pregnant mom, do not get closer to her as there is always a male alpha protecting her. Why risk his attack? Your move can send a threat signal to them, and they might attack you in defense.

Alpha protectors are always aggressive about their pregnant partners and you must watch out for them. Avoid going too close or touching them if you see one.

6. Do not dive down with them:

Another etiquette you should feed in your mind is never to dive down with these mammals. They can be as dangerous and lethal as they are friendly, and you should watch out for your moves. The trainer guide will teach you how to interact and swim with them, and you must follow the instructions without any amends.

Diving deep with them can cause you serious troubles as you won’t find a way out. It can seldom be fatal, and hence you should avoid it. Stay as closer to the guide as possible to avoid any mishaps.

Enjoy your weekend with Dolphins!

Dolphins are human-friendly creatures, and you should consider swimming with them in Dolphinariums. Consider booking your tickets for this amazing experience to make your weekend special!

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