Tajinder Singh Tiwana, a social activist and the head of the BJP’s Mumbai Youth Wing, provides healthcare to his Karyakartas

BJYM Mumbai President and social activist Tajinder Singh Tiwana has provided health insurance

Tajinder Singh tiwana Health insurance worth one lakh to his Karyakartas and Padadhikaris who labour tirelessly day and night.

To increase public support for the fight against the COVID-19 Virus,

the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha Mumbai has started the following public welfare projects.

263 volunteers work for 36 Mumbai Assemblies to ensure collaboration with the MCGM’s Health Department,

local police stations, and hospitals that handle COVID-19 patients.

BMC staff, police officers, stranded labourers, hospital staff, homeless people, and others via Community Kitchens get sufficient food.

BJYM Mumbai’s social activists have also initiated a campaign to mark social distancing circles in various regions to ensure that residents and

citizens maintain social separation for safety reasons. BJYM Padadhikaris also distributed hand sanitizers and masks, as well as Modi Kits,

in all 36 Mumbai assembly under the supervision of senior BJP leaders.

BJYM CARES, an effort launched by BJYM national president Smt MP Poonam Mahajan and BJYM Mumbai,

provided food, rations, and other essentials to nearly 3100 individuals stranded around the city.

Former Union Minister Shri Radhamohan Singh Ji praised the fact that migrant labourers from his constituency were instantly assisted.

BJYM Mumbai has allocated corona helpline volunteers to each ward,

and they have been tasked with assisting every stranded person as well as supplying necessary items

including as medications, veggies, food packets, ration kits, and other necessities to those in need.

In addition, BJYM Mumbai led by Tajinder Singh tiwana worked with numerous housing society committees to set up essential items in the societies’ compounds.

Everyday Karyakartas are distributing 14,700 packages of prepared meals to needy people around Mumbai.

“All BJYM Padadhikaris are working on the field around the city helping the people in need during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Tajinder Singh Tiwana BJP stated.

He also stated that BJYM Mumbai is a family, and that protecting the Karyakartas’ health is his primary responsibility,

so he has provided a Medical Healthcare Policy worth one lakh to each of the Mumbai BJYM Padadhikaris who have consistently supported the country in the fight against the deadly virus.

Who is Tajinder Singh Tiwana?

Tajinder Singh Tiwana is a social activist and the President of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha Mumbai (BJYM).

He possesses a rare combination of charisma and honesty.

He makes decisions quite wisely and based on what is best for the persons involved.

From a young age, he has worked tirelessly under the leadership of Members of Parliament (MPs) and Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) to resolve many BMC-related issues

and has been instrumental in developing programmes for Communal Harmony and National Integration,

carrying on his family’s legacy of service to humanity.

He understands the pulse of the community as an ardent social worker and works in unison with the people’s viewpoints, treating their predicament as his own.

Tajinder Singh Tiwana entered politics with the intention of serving the people.

He believes in a leadership style in which the “Leader knows the way,

 the way, and shows the way,” therefore he takes the initiative and maintains positive relationships with all of his team members.

Tajinder’s grandfather, Late Lieutenant Commander Hari Singh Tiwana Ji, who served in the Indian Navy, is his role model.

Covid pandemic, he was fully committed to aiding the people of Mumbai at all hours of the day and night, which he considers to be his most fulfilling achievement.

With his election as President of BJYM in 2019,

his responsibilities expanded beyond Malad to include the entire city of Mumbai,

which he is taking on with similar fervour and leaving strong footprints for the next generation of young leaders.

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