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The Art of Adding Beautiful Rugs to Your Home

The art of adding beautiful rugs to your home has been around for centuries. From ancient Egypt, India, and Persia to today’s traditional homes, rugs can be found under tables, in corners, or even laid across the floor. Rugs are functional and versatile, but they can help make any space feel warmer and more inviting. The key to finding the right rug is knowing how you plan on using it. A rug will finish off any room beautifully and can even be used as a focal point. They are the perfect way to add color, texture, and warmth to any room in your home. They protect hardwood floors from scratches and scuffs while adding an elegant touch. 

Match it to the Theme

The theme of your home can be anything you want it to be, but there are many different kinds of themes that may need particular rugs. For example, if your home has a country or rustic theme, then traditional Persian-style rugs would work perfectly in the room, along with earth-tone colors and wood furniture. If your home is more contemporary, then the best modern rugs will work well with your theme. Matching a rug to the theme of your home is one way to make it stand out. It also helps to keep your room from looking too busy and cluttered.

Match it to the Color Scheme 

When it comes to the color of a rug, you want it to be something that will coordinate with the colors in your home, so they don’t clash or fight one another for attention. You should also consider furniture sitting on top of the rug. It’s important to keep the rug color in line with your upholstery. For example, if you have a black leather sofa, you need an earth tone colored area rug not to stand out too much or overwhelm the room. It is particularly true of smaller rooms because even though they are cozy and intimate looking, there may be a lot of furniture in a very small space. 

Making an Impression with Rugs

Another great reason for using rugs is because they are a great way to make an impression. It is often hard to cover up with furniture or even carpet if you have beautiful flooring unless the room is very large or has high ceilings that allow for more of everything (including rugs). It means if your home’s decorating style requires height and drama, it can be difficult to accomplish with the right wall décor. Rugs add color. They can create that dramatic look without taking up too much flooring space or looking awkward in your living room if it is not big enough for an obnoxiously large rug, which means you get all of these benefits while still being able to stay within budget on new rugs.

Match it to the Room

Different rooms in a home have different needs and therefore require rugs that will work for them specifically. You can add many small area rug designs throughout the space or one large, more permanent rug design if enough floor space is available in a living room. Bedroom rugs are also typically smaller in size, but these can be larger than the typical living room rugs. Kitchen area rug designs are also typically small enough to allow space for walking around and dining tables while still adding color or texture that works with your other kitchen decor.

Match it with the Look and Feel 

The addition of rugs can dramatically change the feel and vibes of your home and furniture designs. The art of adding beautiful rugs to your home can change the look and feel of an interior in both subtle ways or dramatic but complementary changes. Adding a rug similar in color tone to other furniture pieces will create cohesion throughout the space. When you add small area rugs with different colors, textures, and patterns, you create a sense of balance and compliment the overall design. For a more modern look, add a contemporary area rug in the living room. For a more traditional feel, match your rugs to furniture pieces that have been passed down or inherited from family members.

Add Rugs with Colors and Patterns

All interiors can be complemented by adding beautiful rugs to your home. The first rule of thumb is to keep your rug color tones in the same family as other furniture pieces. If the furniture is dark, try matching the rug with a taupe, gray, or beige color. If your furniture is light wood tones, match it with neutral or ivory rugs. Let’s say you have a large area of hardwood floors that you want to add rugs over. It is best not to choose a pattern or design that will compete with the flooring but rather complement it. Ensure there’s a contrast between your rug and the floor color, so they don’t blend into one big mess!

A Beautifully Accessorized Rug 

Adding an ornate area rug to your home is one sure-fire way of making your interior feel cozy and inviting! The design you choose should reflect the beautiful style you are trying to create with fresh flowers, paintings, and other accessories. To add a pop of color to a room with neutral furniture and coloring schemes, try placing an area rug with bright colors on top of your existing flooring design. 

In the End

 When you buy a rug, it has the potential to be either beautiful or ugly. You can make your home more beautiful with rugs by choosing colors that match each room’s style and size of space. To decorate an interior with rugs, consider matching the rug’s color scheme (s) to other items in the room like pillows, curtains, and furniture. RugKnots offers custom-made rugs for every taste at affordable prices, so get started today!

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