Shoot, Survive and be the ultimate FATHER!!

Blood Rivals is an extreme Free Squid games for mobile devices. Load up the gun, aim your target, and start shooting like a commando on the battlefield of war. Face off against many rivalry players on the front line of the active battlefield.

Kill the most and survive till the end in order to become THE FATHER. Play the best action multiplayer strategy game of the year while following the survival rules.

Play Squid 

Experience the thrill of speedy vehicles, equip weapons, and collect explosives and supplies as you explore the vast map. By surviving in the shrinking play area of the war games, become the ultimate FATHER by defeating every player.

Enjoy the endless FPS action of Blood Rivals. Fight in multiplayer mode against your friends.


  • Realistic gameplay with rich detail creates an eye-opening visual experience.

High-quality audio and exclusive gunfire sounds immerse you in the action battleground.

In one of the top action games, you can customize the UI with the best FPS experience.

Modern controls with unbelievable 3D graphics, destructive battlegrounds, and breathtaking locations from the top gun games.

A unique experience on mobile that is available online and offline, similar to the most popular free shooting games.

A perfect shot system and incredible offers and bonuses make Blood Rivals one of the best free action games available.


  • Rush into the high-speed trains and escape to the safe zone of FPS games.

To hunt down your rivals, you can command a variety of vehicles such as trucks and cars.

  • You must make a quick getaway to survive the devastating tornado storm and the firing turrets of shooting games.

With a power raiser, you can jump higher, use dynamic weapons, wear acoustic armor and detect enemies.

Blood Rivals features races against time, barrel explosions, and cars on the war battlefield.

Free Squid


  • Loading up on modern weaponry like Sniper rifles, shotguns, machine guns or pistols gives each player a distinct experience in battleground survival games.
  • Challenge your friends around the world into the best FPS games combat.
  • Unlike all the top free gun games, get amazed by the highly advanced aiming skills of the action games.
  • Defeat intruders in Team Deathmatch mode up to 12 multiplayer opponents in modern gun games.
  • Create your private room and team up with your friends worldwide in a free battleground shooting game.


  • Varied AI behavior makes each player unique and challenging to follow the rules of surviving and take war games to victory.
  • Command your friends to victory and be the FATHER with the exciting rewards of Blood Rivals.
  • Build your army defense on the battlefield for survival and battle against global players worldwide.
  • The more you win, the better you play – upgrade and engage in harder, faster challenges that will send you flying up on the leader board!

Get ready to land, loot, and do whatever it takes to survive and be the last man standing!

The real action of the year falls into this innovative new game and breaks the standards of common battleground survival shooting games.

It is full of action-adventure on the hopeless land for modern warfare of strike. Either you are a true fan of gun games, survival games, or fighting to be a hitman in the arena mode, then this is one of the epic Battle royal Games. It is free FPS action multiplayer shooting game that you don’t want to miss.

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