The Impact Of Social Media On Present Day Education System

Over the years, we have witnessed a significant boom in technology and its usage. One of the latest advancements in social media networking, which has become a crucial part of everyone’s life. It has completely remodeled the way we socialize and communicate with others. In fact, nowadays, social media has transformed into a highly useful learning platform for students. As per the general notion, social media is perceived as a waste of time and energy. But, gone are those days!

In the 21st century, social media has emerged as a powerful medium for skill enhancement, quick information access, and making a career. Students are taking more benefits from online as per their homework. Many students approach writing services to write my essay for me and score much higher by having a high quality essay.

However, we cannot overlook the negative impacts of social media. This includes cases of cyberbullying, theft of identity, social isolation, etc. Let’s take this debate a step further and lay out the pros and cons of social media in today’s education scenario.

Popular Social Media Platforms Students Use For Learning

The use of social media is not restricted to interaction and fun. Today, it has become an effective way of learning and enhancing the entire experience of education.

Here are some of the popular social networking sites that have transformed into powerful academic channels.

  • YouTube

The most popular global video-sharing and social media platform, YouTube, offers easy access to everyone. Students often use it for free educational content. A significant percentage of students browse YouTube while working on their homework and assignments.

  • Facebook

People know Facebook as a strong medium of communication, but it has emerged as a popular learning platform. You can connect with your peers and teachers to establish a positive exchange of information. Isn’t it the best way to harness the power of these communication channels in your best interest?

  • Skype

Gone are the days when Skype was perceived merely as an online video calling platform. Skype allows you to connect face-to-face with anyone, anywhere in the world. That’s why professionals highly rely on it. And, now even students use it for group studies. It serves as an excellent medium for online classes.

  • Twitter

Ever since Twitter came into existence, it has become one of the most popular ways to interact with the world. One tweet can help you convey your message to millions and billions of users. Further, it gives students the confidence to share their thoughts and ideas. That’s what you need while writing your papers in the examination hall. Isn’t it?

How Does Social Media Effect Students Positively?

  • Encouragement Of Online Learning: Social media is a wonderful way to generate the curiosity to learn among students. Some of the popular platforms such as YouTube and Facebook offer free-of-cost educational content. You can find many videos and e-books on these sites.

The best part is their accessibility. Even a student located miles away can learn their subjects and expand their knowledge. Thus, they are appropriate for distance learners. In fact, there are several groups for different subjects that you can join.

  • Improved Academic Performance: This might seem counter-productive, but it’s true! Social media has become an excellent collection of valuable information. Hence, students get a chance to boost their academic performance. Isn’t it a quick, efficient, and interesting way to solve their assignments?
  • The Creative Boost: Social media is the powerhouse of creativity. After all, that’s what keeps it going! Therefore, it acts as the perfect way to absorb the information and then perform them. Many times a student’s skills resurface after becoming an active social media user. It could be creating appealing videos, taking aesthetically powerful pictures, etc.

The abundance of possibilities doesn’t restrict the young learners. In fact, it allows students to explore and pick what best interests them.

  • Connect With The Experts: These days you can find many industry experts on social media channels. It enables students to acquire the information directly from credible and authoritative resources. Doing this eliminates the chances of false information as they get to learn directly from the industry professionals.

Negative Impacts Of Social Media On Students

  • A Major Cause Of Distraction: It is no surprise that social media leads to distraction. Students tend to get lose their focus due to the easy accessibility of these channels on their phones. It results in a wastage of time. Consequently, they end up with unmet targets and tight deadlines.
  • Effects On Health: Social media are a major reason behind declining mental and physical health. Students tend to lose their sleep and skip their meals while browsing through their gadgets. It impacts their eyesight and affects their mental state.

Further, negligence leads to lethargy and poor physical health. Those who spend more time on social networking channels regularly suffer from anxiety, stomach aches, and sleep deprivation. Such individuals develop antisocial behaviors and eventually become aggressive.

  • Curbs Independent Thinking: Since social media promotes group study culture, it eventually results in the incapacity of independent thinking. Students come together in groups and learn through discussions. Hence, they become accustomed to getting influenced by others’ opinions and lose their original thoughts.
  • Diminished Research And Learning Capacity: Social media is often perceived as a quick source of information. If you are trying to gather knowledge on certain topics or need expert assistance, everything is just a click away.

However, the ease of access is what makes students lazy. They do not feel the need to research. Traditionally, students used to collect information through books, websites, notes, journals, and multiple other sources. But, then it affects their research and learning abilities.

Final Words

We cannot deny that social media has helped us evolve as a society. At present, it has become a vital part of the education and learning process. It is important to strike a healthy balance between the good and bad elements accompanied by these technological advancements. While it helps in boosting learning skills, it can also hamper the entire experience. We hope you found this post insightful!

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