The most addictive endless runner games for our iPhone

It is one of the most popular game categories to download and play on our devices, the Infinite Runner , they are basically about running to death Obviously these games have no end and their fun lies in trying to go as far as possible and also try to add the highest possible score. They are the most addictive games for our iPhone, as we can share with our friends our maximum distance achieved, our maximum points and the fight is guaranteed.

Mainly in this lies the success of these games in sharing and trying to beat the result for our friend. The game’s latest success,  Flappy Bird , which has already been removed from the App Store, is proof of this. But there are many others very popular and possibly unknown to our readers or who have simply tried them for us. These are the games we have chosen best in this category:

Temple Run 2

The application is no longer available in the App Store

The sequel to the very successful game Temple Run, which both collects millions of downloads around the world. We put ourselves in the shoes of different explorers that we can choose from, all with different abilities. The goal is to run away from the temple and try not to be caught by the beast that haunts us. We will try to overcome all series of traps, zip lines, carriages and narrowing of the road to in turn try to collect the maximum number of coins that we can buy power-ups that will help us go further.

Minion rusa

Gameloft’s play about the little creatures from the movie Despicable Me Gru . We will put ourselves in the shoes of one of these creatures, Minions, to run through different scenarios in the film and avoid endless traps and obstacles that collect bananas. We even have to defeat the villains of the film who will appear from time to time. The more friends we have in Facebook and Game Center with this game, we get more points to overcome them.

Jetpack Joyride

Another wonderful game in this category, we will deal with Barry, a character who has a backpack rocket that drives it with the touch of a finger. The goal of this game is also to go as far as possible and pass a series of tests that will be suggested to us. We can also take different vehicles and even a kite to facilitate the journey. Another novelty that this Play Free Squid games online brings is a roulette wheel after each bonus game in the form of coins or other chances.

Small wings

If you did not show up in time before it was downloaded Flappy Bird , this is a more original previous game that consists of overcoming levels by pushing the little bird through orography as an image trying to gain propulsion and more speed. It consists of a race against the sun Before the darkness The difficulty with the tests that we have to overcome to pass between the islands will gradually increase beyond the speed of the sun.

Ski Safari

It has long been one of the most downloaded payment applications Through the App Store worldwide, the low price (€ 0.89) and its playability make this game one of the largest in the category. We handle a skier in a world full of animals and I will be that they will blow us away and help us get as far as possible and avoid pulling snow avalanches . We also have to pass a series of tests that include stunts with the character.

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Delicious fishing

If you do not know, it will surely surprise you, we must reach the maximum possible depth with the hook on our fishing rod, while avoiding endless fish and aquatic creatures through four seas. When we can no longer avoid them and fish one, the rod begins to take the line and that is when we have to collect the largest number of fish avoiding jellyfish that will subtract points. When we reach the surface, all fishing will fly through the air and we must shoot it with our weapon to get the highest score. With this money we will acquire longer lines, benefits and more powerful weapons shooting the fish .

So far, the games that we have considered to be the most prominent of endless running, but in the App Store there are many more and certainly more interesting for you, which has you connected in front of your iPhone. Who else do you think deserves to belong to this category?

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