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Tractor Insurance

In Spain the use of the tractor as machinery in agricultural work, construction, earthworks … is very common. These tractors are heavy vehicles with characteristics that influence the ease of suffering an accident. For this reason, the Tractor Insurance is, in addition to being mandatory, essential for the performance of the activity.

What do we understand by tractors?

The Insurance tractor is intended for any tractor regardless the sector in which it is located. In this case a classification of the types of trucks could be:

Industrial tractor: Used for construction in general, both in works, roads, for mining, earthworks, etc.

Agricultural Tractor: Used as agricultural vehicles, they present characteristics according to the work they perform.

Specials: They are used for certain activities. They are used with bulldozers and power shovels.

The tractor could also have a working mechanism attached, such as the shovels.

Is Tractor Insurance Mandatory?

The insurance is mandatory Tractors in the same way as for any other vehicle registered motor. This insurance must cover at least the Mandatory Civil Liability, the same coverage that is required for motorcycles, cars and trucks.

If you have a tractor and do not have insurance, the vehicle must be dropped from traffic like any other vehicle. The consequences of not having insurance include immobilization of the vehicle and a considerable financial penalty. Click below link for more details:

What will the price of Tractor Insurance depend on?

The price of Tractor Insurance varies based on many factors, but without a doubt the two main reasons for the variation in the price of insurance for this vehicle are:

The maximum authorized weight.

At we know that the needs of each client are different. For this reason, we offer you an adapted policy. However, some of the most popular guarantees for Tractor Insurance are the following:

Mandatory Civil Liability

This coverage is required by law and guarantees possible compensation for personal and material damage caused to third parties in the event of an accident.

Voluntary Civil Liability

It is a complementary coverage to the Obligatory Civil Liability that increases the amount imposed by law to cover the damages that we may cause.

Legal defense

In the event of a lawsuit, this coverage will cover the possible expenses for claiming compensation and face-to-face assistance with specialized professionals.

Personal accidents (driver only)

This coverage will cover death, Progressive permanent disability 2.25, healing expenses and healing expenses in Concerted Health Centers.

Windows: Covers the repair or replacement of the front, rear and side windows of the insured vehicle.

All risk: It is one that, in addition to damage to third parties, covers its own damages, that is, everything that can happen to the car. Therefore, it would be covered against theft, fire, etc.

Non-Trucking Liability insurance

This is liability insurance that covers you when you use your business truck for personal use. Like using your truck to run personal errands. Since you are not driving for business reasons, there is no coverage in your trucker or business automobile liability policy.

Medical payment Insurance

Medical Payment Insurance covers medical bills for you and any passenger on the truck if you are injured in an accident or automobile-related injury.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Low-cost truck cargo insurance offers insurance for the cargo or products transported by you. Most risk managers require truckers to secure their cargo. You can meet that requirement with a low cost truck cargo insurance policy from This policy will provide coverage when you are responsible for covering the damage or loss of the cargo that you transport on behalf of a client. It can also cover cleaning and protecting spilled cargo. In addition, you can also get coverage to pay you the amount that you would have earned if the delivery had been completed. Get Your Truck Insurance Quote Right Now


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