Things To Know Before Applying For Partner Visa Australia

The Australian partner visa permits an Australian citizen, qualified New Zealand citizen, or an Australian permanent resident to live in Australia with their spouse or partner. You will grant with a temporary partner visa (subclass 820) initially, which is valid for 15to 24 months. For a long-term stay, you ask for (subclass 801) after getting a subclass 820 (temporary) visa. Here you will get an overview of the things you need to know before applying for the Australia Partner Visa.

1. Who Is Eligible For an Australian Partner Visa?

One who is seeking the partner visa in Australia must be a spouse or de facto partner for a minimum period of 12 months for:

  • Eligible Australian citizen
  • Permanent resident in Australia
  • Eligible New Zealand citizen (one who holds an Australian permanent citizen visa or known as the protected SCV holder under the Social Security Act 1991)

One can be in a relationship with someone of the same sex or someone of a different sex. Under Australian law, the marriage must be legal.

2. Be Sure With the Australian Partner Visa Category And Subclass

There are a lot of major partner visa  Australia types, and you need to check your applicant will fall under which category like you want to go for Partner Visa subclass or Prospective Marriage Visa subclass.

3. After Visa Granted You Will Be Eligible For

You can stay in Australia until you will receive the Permanent Partner Visa or for some reason your application will be withdrawn.

Work in Australia.
Visit in and out of Australia as many times as you want.
You can get an education in Australia, but that will get done with any government support.
You can register in Australia health care system.

4. With Your Visa Can You Take Dependent Children With You?

Yes, you can include the dependent children while submitting your application, and can also be done if you have applied already, but make sure the decision is finalized before filing a temporary visa.

5. Essential Documents You Are Required For Getting Partner Visa?

  • A valid marriage certificate (If you are married)
  • Evidence For Your Relation
  • Meet health requirements

6. Understand The Processing Timeframes For Australian Partner Visa

When you are applying for a partner visa from Offshore, then possible you will grant the visa from 18-23 months. When applying for an onshore partner visa, then this takes comparatively more processing time like from 23-28 months. However, the partner can stay in Australia with their partner from application for Partner Visa till it gets granted.

Conclusion– If you are seeking an Partner Visa Australia , then possibly that is a complex and confusing process if you are doing that on your own and do not even have proper knowledge of the same. Seeking advice from professionals like expert immigration lawyers can take away the stress from you. Education Embassy is the leading experts of migration agent Brisbane, Australia. We guide you with which Australian Partner Visa subclass is right according to your situation. We have an in-house team of expert migration lawyers who assist you with every single detail which assures the chances for a successful visa outcome. For more details with your Australian Partner Visa application or other migration matters, you can contact us today.

Education Embassy

Education Embassy is a migration agent in Brisbane as well as registered with the Migration Agent Registration Authority ( MARA). The Education Embassy is your trusted Immigration partner for all the professional’s assistance on Australian visa types.

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