Things You Shouldn’t Do When it Comes to SEO

Search engine optimization is not black hat or white hat. It’s simply good practices that can either make or break your website’s success in the search engines. In this post, I am going to discuss some of the most common (and worst) SEO mistakes that almost every online marketer makes when it comes to search engine optimization.

Here are 6 biggest SEO mistakes:

1. Don’t put links on your website

2. Don’t put too many links on your website

3. Don’t stuff keywords in your website copy

4. Don’t stuff your website with too much copy

5. Don’t put your website address in your signature line

6. Don’t stuff your website with a lot of images

Few Things You Shouldn’t Do When it Comes to SEO

While taking risks can result in some really amazing rewards, there are some cases where it is just not worth it. It is important to realise when your chances of failure are too high or your ability to recover if it fails is low. The following is just some of the things you should not take a risk on when it comes to SEO.

While it might be tempting and could possibly offer great money savings, outsourcing your copywriting is never a good idea. Often the quality of writing that is produced is not up to standard and can contain improper English. While it may mean more hassle initially, hiring SEO Company in Adelaide is always a smarter option as it allows you to have more control over what is going out there.

Another risk that is not worth it is using ‘black hat’ techniques. They might be inviting and give the promise of good results in the beginning but it is no secret that Google is not a fan of those who use them. You can be sure using these tactics is going to end badly with penalties that will make it hard for you to recover. It’s important to really weigh up the pros and cons with each risk, you need to choose the ones that don’t have consequences you will not be able to overcome.

Things You Shouldn’t Do When it Comes to SEO

1. Don’t change your site’s content around too much

2. Don’t add or remove pages willy-nilly

3. Don’t make any changes to your site that aren’t backed up by data

4. Don’t use Black Hat techniques to improve rankings

5. Don’t stuff keywords in headers, subtitles, footers, sidebars and comment sections

Don’t put your website on pages that don’t have content. If there are no pages with content, Google can’t tell what your website is about.

Don’t try to trick Google. If you have a bunch of pages on your website with the same title, the search engine will think you are trying to trick users into clicking on one of those pages when they type in a search phrase.

This will result in a lower ranking for that webpage. Google is getting better at detecting websites that are built using Black Hat techniques. If you use these types of tactics, it won’t take long before Google detects you and drops your website from its index. Make it easy for people to find what they are looking for.

If you have a home page with 10 links on it, and each of those links leads to a different section of your website, then Google will know what your website is about. If, however, all 10 links go to the same page, which happens to be the home page, then Google will have no clue what your website is about. Google wants websites to be informative.

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