Throwing a party? Make custom printed popcorn boxes at home!

Custom printed popcorn boxes are the most suitable marketing gizmo to extend your brand’s reach. They can serve effectively well to lessen down the communication gap between a brand and its targeted client base. Although, they are a spot-on option for popcorn-making businesses due to the offering of seamless protection during transit. They have a higher flexural and compressive strength, and all this credit goes to their sturdier construction from cardboard variants. You can use cutting-edge printing methods equipped with CMYK and PMS color configurations to enhance their visual and aesthetic impact.

Make custom printed popcorn boxes at home

You can avail the smart add-on option of die-cut windows to introduce a novel see-through feature in the design. They can also be gold foiled, embossed, and debossed to produce a perfect 3d effect in the design. The options for coatings and laminations are endless that allow you to boost their barrier properties along with visual effects.

Custom printed popcorn boxes add a touch of elegance and charisma to your parties and movie nights, even if you fill them with homemade popcorns. They are a must-have, especially for people who believe in throwing a popcorn party to their friends and families now and then. Unfortunately, getting them from a packaging vendor can sometimes be problematic due to budgetary limitations. But, what is the worry when you can manufacture these packages on your own in limited resources? Here is a list of steps that lead to the impeccable design of custom printed packages at home.

Opt for the best material for your homemade Popcorn boxes:

Like always, the first-ever step in the manufacturing of custom popcorn packaging is the selection of materials. The choices may vary according to one’s preferences, but an expert opinion is for either the printable paper or cardstock. Numerous experts do not favor plain print paper because of its lesser sturdiness and durability. As materials have a significant say in whether the box would hold together sturdily or not, I prefer the use of cardstock. Cardstock is not as flimsy as paper and prevents the packaging from falling apart when filling in the popcorns. Another important matter that requires your attention here is the size of the cardstock. Make sure it is fully compliant with the size of the packaging you want to manufacture. The quality of the cardstock also needs to be determined as low-quality material may cause problems in the printing process.

Print out a template design:

There are several templates available online for designing popcorn boxes. Please select one of the best templates or come up with your design and draw it out on the cardboard. While tracing and drawing the procedure, make sure to use a ruler for straighter and precise lines. Take accurate measurements to make the panels and tabs so that the bottom and sides of the packages meet perfectly with each other.

Score, cut, and fold:

After printing the template design on the cardstock, you need to score the specific lines. Score them in a particular way that you can put together the packages by folding along these lines. Both bone folder and paper scoring wheel are perfect options for scoring the lines in the design. Next, depending upon the thickness of cardstock used in making popcorn boxes, choose appropriate cutting tools. The proper selection of means will help you cut along the edges of the design seamlessly. Make sure that you do not cut off the flaps or tabs. After the cutting process, the next step is making folds along the scored lines. This technique helps put the packages together so that all the sides meet perfectly.

Strong gluing:

Depending upon the scored lines, you would need to join different packages together. Do not rely on the ordinary adhesive options available, and go for the non-toxic craft glue. This adhesive option is excellent for attaching the sides of the boxes to form an enclosed structure. Other than that, this glue is also eco-friendly and lets you recycle the bin easily for future purposes. Let the glue dry up for half an hour before you start filling in the popcorns for the party.

Line it with wax paper:

Personalize the packages by lining them with wax paper. These personalized paper boxes would keep the butter or oil soaked into the cardstock. Although, this way, you can use these packages again and again at popcorn parties. In addition, the wax paper can be cleansed, so there will be no need to line the boxes with newer paper every time.

Getting custom printed popcorn boxes from the market is more costly, especially when you often arrange popcorn parties for your friends. However, making them on your own is suitable for eradicating budgetary problems as you don’t need to spend much in the process. All you need is to buy a cardstock, trace out a template design, and cut it along the edges. The final step is to line it with the wax paper to prevent any damage to the packages from oil.

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