Tips and Tricks to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

So finally, this year you took your “New Year, New Me” oath seriously and colored your hair at last? Or, are you still contemplating joining the gang soon? For both instances, one of your greatest concerns is how to extend the life of your stunning hair color and turn heads longer. Although hair coloring and then taking care of it can sound like a huge commitment, it isn’t so. You need to follow some very simple tips that will keep your gorgeous hair color from fading soon, and we promise you will be sorted!  

However, you should be aware that following these steps doesn’t essentially mean that your hair won’t start fading ever. They will fade slowly, but surely. Oftentimes, it is not possible to book an appointment with your stylist right at the drop of the hat. During pandemic times, getting appointments can be a task. These tips will ensure that your fading hair color does not look disastrous when you are in quarantine and cannot see your stylist. Just a little maintenance and care and you will be good to go until your next salon visit. 

  • Do not wash your hair right after

We are sure your stylist has advised you the same. You should ideally wait it out for at least 24 to at the most 48 hours before you wash your hair with shampoo. After coloring your hair, you need to give some time for the hair color to settle down. Therefore, heading straight to the shower and applying shampoo to your hair is a strict no-no because it prevents the color from settling well in your hair, and it will begin to fade away sooner. However, if you are a cleanliness freak, you can go for a shower in cold water and give yourself a light scalp massage. 

  • Upgrade Your Hair Products

Your all-time favorite hair products might not be the best for your color-treated hair. Post hair color, you need hair products that are suitable for your hair. Most shampoos and conditioners in the supermarket are full of sulfates, alcohol, salts, etc. These ingredients not only strip your hair color off, reducing its life but also the essential oils present in your scalp, thus drying out your hair. Your hair already becomes drier post color treatment, you surely do not want to aggravate it. So the best you should do is stick to SLS and alcohol-free shampoo and conditioner that will nourish your mane and keep those colored locks happy! 

  • Cut Down on the Shampoo Wash

Going for a shampoo wash too many times a week won’t be a wise choice. No matter how gentle the cleanser is, it will only accelerate the process of your hair color fading out. It is best to stick to your shampoo washes once or twice a week, and definitely not daily. Instead, you can switch to using a dry shampoo. Trust us, if your scalp tends to become oily very soon, dry shampoo will be your savior! It is a quick fix for your oily scalp and convenient to use as well. Anything for making those stunningly colored tresses stay longer. 

  • Invest in Conditioners and Hair Masks

Coloring your hair boosts your confidence for sure, but your tresses might feel drier and more frizzy post the treatment. To counter that, invest more in conditioning products and hair masks that refresh and rejuvenate your hair and nourish them to the core. This is a well-deserved treat from you to you, and you can absolutely enjoy using these products as a self-care session every week. This way, not only does your hair look gorgeous, you feel fresh and lively from your soul. Just make sure that the products you are using are suitable for color-treated hair, and you are good to go!

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  • Give the Heat a Pass

Now that you have signed up your commitment to your color-treated locks, you might want to cut down on the heat tools you use for them like straighteners, curlers, and hair dryers. These tools will only promote faster fading of your color. Not only that, they will dry out your hair more, and you definitely do not want that.

  • Solutions to Deal with the Heat

Heat styling tools are a problem for sure, but that does not mean that you will skip it entirely. You can use heat protectant sprays before using any of the styling tools and do not use the dryer to its maximum temperature. Even too much exposure to sunlight can accelerate your hair color to fade faster. Using a hair spray with an SPF will surely help you combat this issue. So, turn the hotness higher, because you are ready to go out and slay with your hair all styled up. 

  • Keep Away from the Pool

The pool is no more your best place to be anymore. The chlorinated pool water will only quicken the process of fading out your hair color. However, you can use a chlorine protectant for your hair and use a swim cap to combat this, but being in the pool for too long won’t be too good for your hair. 

  • Avoid Hot Showers

Well, that is a difficult thing to do, especially during the chilly winters, but the hot water is not good for your hair at all. It will, in fact, make your hair color look dull and strip the moisture off your scalp. Both combined will be a recipe for disaster for your hair, so you should follow prevention more than seeking a cure. 

Following some simple tips will surely help protect your hair color for a long time. Don’t hesitate anymore, get a color treatment done soon and turn heads like the fashionista you are!

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