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Tips for Wicker Bassinet Repair

Wicker furniture features woven pliable materials used in some parts of the furniture. Most of the times wicker material is used at the back or supports furniture, such as chairs, sofas, and beds. At other times, also used at the seating. Some of the wicker materials are paper fiber, cane, rattan reed, willow, or grasses. As recent, plastic or resin strands, used in making wicker bassinet furniture. For that matter, it must be sorted out that wicker is not the plant or material for making wicker furniture. But it is the technique of making woven furniture. In this blog, we will talk about the history, how wicker bassinet repair started, and some tips to keep it in the best of its state. Let’s take a look.

The word “wicker” is not the material used in weaving. Instead, it refers to the “act of weaving” with pliable fibers. Furniture featuring weaving in its structure, known as wicker furniture. These can be beds, chairs, tables, buggy, couch, lamp, and so on. That is the reason willow or round rattan reed is often attributed as wicker weave. In the past, most of the wicker furniture majorly used rattan reed or paper fiber for filling the solid wood structure.

Is Wicker the same as Cane?

Wicker furniture is NOT the same as cane furniture. Wicker is a weaving activity whereas cane is a furniture material. The wicker, used in the cane structure to weave the hollow structure. Such furniture is often referred to as “wicker seat” however technically it should be called hand-woven cane furniture. The wooden furniture pieces with woven backs or seats should get their name from pattern design and type of material used in the weaving. Using the generic term “wicker” is not just a description of this furniture.

Tips for Antique Wicker Furniture

The thing about antique wicker is that once it is ruined, it is gone forever. There is no way you can have it back. You can make a copy of it and reproduce an antique, but it will take away all its beauty and charm of being an antique. Considering the critical nature of antique pieces, it is important to take wicker furniture to preserve these pieces of antiques or pieces that have existed in the family for many generations.

You can repair, restore and refurbish wicker furniture to keep it in the best of condition. And this does not mean you always have to spend a lot of money to keep them in their ideal state. At times, you can preserve wicker furniture’s state by simply applying a coating of paint or varnishing. Other times, all it requires is cleaning up. So keep your treasured family heirlooms and flea market finds in the best of their condition.

Wicker Bassinet Repair

Since wicker furniture has become a tale of the era bygone, it is difficult to find a repair shop or tradesman who can deal with wicker repairs. If you come across any such facility, be ready to get in waiting line because there are very few artisans who can deal with such craft whereas many people still have vintage furniture pieces in their homes. Before you assign them the task of repairing the furniture, you must first check out their quality of work and their level of skill.

Feel free to ask them to show you a few of the pieces they have worked on recently. To exhibit their expertise, skill, and craft they must have a few pieces with them they hey can present as a testimony of their craftsmanship. You can examine these pieces to see the level of skill. If there are no pieces available, you can view their work in the photo album. Also, you can ask around other customers who have availed services from them.

How much does Antique Wicker Repair Cost?

You can ask the facility center about the cost and time required for carrying out the restoration or repair on an antique wicker furniture item. Based on the intricate work, and design complexity, the time required for restoring a furniture item can range from a few days to months. Some other factors that can affect the time frame are the severity of the damage, shop scheduling, and the delicacy of design.

Once you have commissioned a job, make sure you have the receipt with you that mentions the work order. This is your proof that you left the responsibility of a beloved and valuable piece with the service center. Moreover, ask them to give you an estimated time for the completion of the job or the date of delivery.

Wicker Bassinet Repair Process

Considering the intricate work and the artistic nature of the job, it is quite a task to repair wicker bassinet items. And it would not be an exaggeration to call the repairing personnel artists of their own kind because they are dealing with art. Let’s take a look at the step-by-step process of the wicker bassinet repair process.

Before carrying out any wicker repair, examine the piece of furniture carefully. See if the structure or frame requires any repair. If the frame needs repairs, it should be done promptly. Many wicker restoration specialists or artisans are marvelous woodworkers as well. Try to find a specialist who can deal with both with the same level of dexterity. Assigning the job to one person is far better than taking it to multiple workers. In the case of one worker, if something goes wrong with the furniture, you know who to hold responsible. In the case of multiple cooks, you can’t trace back which cook ruined the soup.

If you cannot find such a professional who can perform both jobs, you can ask the wicker professional about their recommended woodworker. Since they deal in the niche, they know whose services is reliable when it comes to family heirlooms.

For painting or varnishing furniture, you can adopt the same strategy. Ask the wicker specialist if they offer the services of painting as well.

Determine Wicker Furniture Value to find out if it is Worth Repairing

Wicker repair is a specialized job, and there aren’t many specialists for this job. Those few, who do exist, quote the prices way too much because of a smaller market and specialized job.  If you have to go for furniture repair, get the repair quote first and also evaluate the furniture value. It will give you an idea if the furniture is worth spending that much cost on repairs or not because sometimes the repair costs outweigh the value of wicker furniture way too much. Instead of spending a fortune on repairs, it’s better to ask if the piece is worth spending that much or not.

Sometimes, it is not the worth of furniture itself but the sentimental value attached to it that makes you spend even a hefty amount. At times, the history of that piece or some other aspect makes it far too precious. What if the furniture gets scratches while repairing? Would the insurance cover its cost or you are getting it repaired so that you can resell it?

Answers to all these questions are important as they will help you in decision-making.

Of course, there are many guidebooks and tutorials available that can help you in repairing wicker furniture yourself. With the right tools and instructions, it is easy. But, we won’t recommend adopting a DIY approach because some pieces are far too valuable.

Ask for appraisals and certifications

It is important to see the qualifications, certifications, and work samples of a wicker repair shop. This will help you have a fair idea about the facility, and you can know whether you can trust your beloved and valuable furniture with them or not. Make sure that the person giving you this appraisal is a certified antique wicker appraiser.

You can know about the expertise level and professionalism by seeing the certifications. This is proof that a particular facility has done their fair share of research in the field, they have studied academically, and passed all the tests required for performing the job. Certificates establish that a facility is competent and expert to an extent that it can charge others for its services.

Jardin Wicker

Jardin Wicker is a reliable Wicker bassinet repair Contra Costa. Our specialists are certified professionals who understand how valuable vintage furniture pieces can be. They make sure to provide repairing and refurbishing services just the way you want.

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