Tips To Buy Platinum Engagement Rings?

Wondering what to buy for your engagement? Purchasing your engagement ring has become the next to impossible task for couples as there are plenty of options available these days. Due to such a wide variety, people end up being confused. 

Back in time, people preferred to buy yellow gold as their wedding jewelry linked to their rituals and traditions. But now, as people have turned modern and status-conscious, they are looking for varied options such as diamonds, rose gold, platinum, and other metals. 

As a wedding is a significant occasion in one’s life and happens one time, you must choose your engagement ring wisely after considering all the options. Consequently, here are some tips to guide you concerning your engagement ring shopping and the cost of platinum engagement ring

Tips To Buy Platinum Ring 

Out of all the varied metals, platinum seems to be on the top. Moreover, it is in trend also. Whenever buying a jewelry piece, never forget to look at the trends in the past as they give you an insight into the popular couple choices for their weddings. Let us have a look at some of the popular tips to buy platinum engagement rings. 

As platinum is rare, enduring, and pure, many couples prefer to buy it for their wedding. Moreover, it is also known as the king of metals. But are you aware that platinum is an expensive metal? Still, many people consider it to be an ideal choice for engagement. Here are some of the reasons to opt for the platinum engagement ring. 

High purity 

As far as other metals are concerned, such as gold, they are not 100% pure and often mixed with other metals. But there is no such thing as platinum, and it is quite purer than other metals. Up to 95% platinum is pure, which makes it the most expensive metal out there. 

See the hallmark 

While buying the platinum engagement ring, one should not forget to check its hallmark. It will give you a fair idea about the purity percentage. Consequently, always see the hallmark inside the platinum ring. If the hallmark states, plat, it conveys that the platinum ring is 95% pure and is bound to be expensive. Consequently, only buy the ring after confirming its hallmark. 

Ask the alloy used in the ring. 

Another thing to bear in mind when buying the platinum ring is the alloy used to make your platinum ring. If the jeweler says that the ring is pure, it must be alloyed with either cobalt or ruthenium. It will result in bright polish and will prevent the ring from daily wear and tear. Sometimes, the ring is mixed with softer metals such as iridium which will be prone to scratches often and lose its shine within a year. 

Opt for quality engraving 

There’s no worth of buying the ring if there is no quality in it, and it is a mere wastage of money. Consequently, it is highly suggested to opt for quality engraving. One should look for quality handcrafted work if you want some engraving on your ring. 

Some jewelry manufacturers opt to imitate hand engraving by embedding a design into the ring’s casting. This engraving will lose its shine and will soon wear off. Consequently, look for deep and intricate hand engraving as it lasts for generations. 

Research ring and design options 

How can you forget about the ring design? It is of utmost importance when it’s about shopping for the perfect platinum engagement ring for yourself. By searching online, you’ll get an idea of what kind of ring you want for your engagement. Opt for a website with a huge variety of rings to give a rough insight into how the ring will look on your hands. 

But if you cannot find your dream ring online, you also have the option of visiting jewelry stores in your city. You can try wearing the rings and checking everything before confirming your purchase. 

Make a comparison of prices. 

Making comparisons of prices from different jewelry stores is a must. Usually, platinum rings have a fixed price, but still, some jewelers change the price of a ring as per the situation, and it keeps on fluctuating between 4-5% daily. Consequently, it becomes vital for you to compare the prices before finalizing the platinum ring. 

You have to bear a few things in mind when comparing prices. The primary thing that matters over here is the quality of the rings. Rest, you can check its color, engraving, and other things. 

Check certification 

Being watchful of the certification when purchasing a platinum engagement ring will give you a high worth of your ring. Consequently, ask if the jewelry store offers some quality assurance along with the hallmark or not. For future purposes, you can keep this safe in your possession. 

Prefer to see different styles 

Keep on looking and trying different styles of the ring unless your heart craves the one. Some people find the one real quick, but others may take longer to come across the perfect platinum ring for themselves. When selecting the ring, make sure to try each style and opt for the one that looks best on your finger. 

Keep your tastes in mind. 

Lastly, along with the above-mentioned tips, choose the platinum ring that matches your tastes in terms of style. If you like high glamour and prefer something stylish, opt for exquisite hand artistry and a large-sized center stone. 

Final words 

In addition to the above-mentioned tips, check the cost of platinum engagement ring as it will be expensive. Without any doubt, platinum will be an excellent choice for your wedding. Besides this, you can consider it as a popular gift option to give to your girl on some special occasion. Get your Platinum engagement ring from Alex and Company now. 


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