Tips to Find the Cheapest Packers and Movers in Delhi

When it comes to moving to a new place, people immediately start searching on the internet for the cheapest packers and movers near me.

The organic search engine result pages show them the top results and people select one from the list. But, do you think it’s the right way to find the cheapest packers and movers in Delhi?

Delhi is a vast city. Here you will find hundreds of moving agencies that claim to be the best and cheapest in the market. But, what you must avoid while hiring movers and packers in Delhi is the reliability and authenticity of the company.

Yes, not only the packers and movers charges in Delhi but also their authenticity and legitimacy matters.

You must search for a reliable house shifting company in Delhi to relocate your home. By hiring the cheapest packers and movers, you may save a few bucks, but there would be no surety of the safety of your possessions.

So, don’t rely only on the search engine result pages, but also do your own research to find the best and cheapest movers and packers in Delhi. For this, you can take references from your friends or neighbors, check online portals, and most importantly check Google reviews to know which companies are reliable and offer good quality moving services.

How to Find the Cheapest Packers and Movers in Delhi?


  • Make a list of Moving Companies

As you are relocating for the first time, you may not know about the availability. So, the first search for reliable moving companies in Delhi. Make a list of all the companies that are suitable for your requirements.

You can also rely on trusted moving portals in India that are associated with top-notch moving companies all over the country. You will find a list of reliable moving agencies at such portals. Check their specialization and make a list of the top 10 packers and movers in Delhi.

  • Be Specific to Your Needs

Narrow Down the list by being specific to your needs. Browse each company’s website and look at their work experiences and specialization as well. If you need local shifting, then hire local packers and movers in Delhi and intercity packers and movers for intercity or interstate moving services. Ensure the company has specialization in the specific type of moving services that you are looking for. Now, shortlist only those that match your requirements.

  • Get Multiple Quotes

After shortlisting the five or three best packers and movers, get their quotations. Contact the movers and share your requirements with them. Ask them to give you their moving estimates or price quotes. Getting multiple quotes will help you to know how moving companies estimate the moving cost. Also, you can see which company is offering the best house shifting services at the best affordable prices.

  • Compare the Quotes

As you will now have three to four quotations in your hand, you can see how the moving companies are charging you. You will get to know about the services that are included in the package and what you will be charged extra for. After comparing the quotations, you can know which company best matches your requirements within your budget.

  • Ask for Discount

Of course, you can ask for a discount from your movers. Even the most reputed moving agencies offer rebates to their customers. Just let them know that you are not comfortable paying that much of amount, and they would surely provide you a discount so that you can easily avail of their services.

  • Move during Off-Season

When you relocate in the off-peak season, you will get lots of options to choose from. Also, during the off-season when only a few people relocate, professional packers and movers agencies offer their services at discounted prices. You can get a huge discount at such time; hence you can relocate at an affordable price with professional movers and packers in Delhi.

If you follow all these steps, then you don’t have to rely on organic search engine result pages. Rather, you can hire the best, reliable, and professional packers and movers in Delhi at affordable prices.

Just follow the above-mentioned tips and find the cheapest packers and movers in Delhi.


There’s nothing wrong with selecting the cheapest packers and movers in Delhi, but while hiring the moving company you should not only consider packers and movers Delhi charges but also their reliability and authenticity. The fraudsters also offer low quotes to people so that they can trap them. Either they will ask for more money for releasing your goods, or they may run away with all your possessions. Hence, check everything from license to credentials of a moving agency and hire the one that is reliable and professional.

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Vishal Kumar

Vishal is an expert business analyst. He has written for several online journals. Currently, he is rendering his services to Moving Solutions that are offering services packers and movers services in India.

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