Top 10 Advantages of Dot Net


.NET is a technology on which the future of all other Microsoft technologies are depending. .NET is also a strategy for linking systems, details, and devices through web services so people can cooperate and share effectively. .Net plays a major part in the software development industry. The medium helps numerous programming languages and libraries to create web, mobile, desktop, etc. It follows a current model of a community-developed software project. Many Dot Net Training in Noida is running that will help you to get knowledge about this particular training course.

Features of .NET:

Common Executive Environment-: All .NET applications run under a mutual execution environment. The other name of .Net is Common Language Runtime. The CLR promotes interoperability between other .NET languages such as C#, Visual Basic, Visual C++, etc. It can also deliver a common domain for the performance of code written in any of these languages.

Common Type System-: The .NET technology observes types of procedures to keep data integrity across the code reported in different Dot Net compliant programming languages. CTS also provides programs that are set down in other programming languages and can convey with each other to share data.

CTS controls data failure when a type in one language transfers data to its equivalent type in single language transfer data to its equivalent type in different languages. The common type system represents a group of types and rules that are familiar to all languages that struggle at CLR. It sustains both value and reference types.

Multi-language Support-: .NET gives multi-language assistance by managing the finders that are useful to restore the source to intermediate language (IL) and from IL to original code that executes program safety and security. The base for numerous language help is the familiar type system and metadata. There is also a mechanism to define and manage a new type.

Tool Support-: The CLR works collectively with tools like visual studio, compilers, debuggers, and profilers these tools help to make the developer’s job much easier.

Security-: The CLR handles system security through user and code related with license checks. The identity of the code is understandable and permits the usage of resources that allows consequently. This sort of protection is a major feature of  Dot Net. The .NET framework. It offers support to role-based security using windows NT accounts and groups.

Some Additional Features of .Net:

Automatic Resource Management-: The .NET CLR gives systematic and automatic resource management such as memory, screen space, network connections, database, etc. CLR gathers different built-in operations of the .NET framework to assign and de-allocate the memory of .NET objects.

Easy and Rich Debugging assistance-: The Dot Net IDE (integrated development environment) supplies easy and prosperous debugging approval. Once an abnormality happens at run time, the program stops and the IDE observes the line which has the mistake along with the components of that error and possible solutions. The runtime also supplies in-built stack walking skills creating it more comfortable to find bugs and errors.

Simplified Development-: With .NET installing or uninstalling, a window-based application is a concern of copying or deleting files. This is likely because we cannot bring up .Net in the registry.

Framework Class Library-: The framework class library (FCL) of the .NET framework has a prosperous group of classes that are available for creators. It helps the users to use these classes in code to fulfill different tasks of applications. These classes are grouped in a different namespace such as system, System. collection, system. diagnostic, etc.

Portability-: The application created in the Dot Net domain is portable. When the original code of a program written in a CLR-compliant language concedes, it causes a machine-independent and medium code. This was initially named the Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL). But now it has been renamed to the Common Intermediate Language (CIL)which is the key to portability. NET.


In brief, Dot Net is one of the most useful technologies of Microsoft. It is a free object-oriented explanation that can be useful for creating all kinds of applications. .Net can develop applications that are portable, scalable, and robust, and that should execute in a distributed environment. There are many Dot Net Online Course running on different online platforms that will help you to gain more knowledge about this particular course.

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