Top 10 Reasons why you need school fees management software!

As many schools are opting for online admission systems, they need a capable system so that their students can pay fees online and complete the admission process. School fees, being a significant factor of school’s income, need to be monitored and managed without any hassle. Before the adaption of automated software for admissions, parents/ students needed to stand in long queues and pay the fees in cash, cheque, or DD form. The method causes loss of resources in terms of time, manpower, energy.

Also, at school end, the manual school fees management system was not that much feasible as it developed a lot of issues like:

  • Potential human intervention errors
  • Investment needed for training staff
  • Dependency on good and loyal staff
  • Reduction in sharing information and hassles in customer services
  • not efficient in report generation

If you observe the current ed-tech market, then you will see several software that automates the fees management process. But not everyone gets customer preference from all over the world. It is accredited when software is designed by domain experts and thoroughly understanding the processes. Vidyalaya makes a benchmark entry here as it is serving more than 1200+ clients and becoming a legendary organization in the ed-tech sector. Vidyalaya is grabbing the education excellence award for consecutive 3 years due to its excellence and feature-rich products. When relating to school fees, you can choose the best option from integrating the fees management system with existing school ERP or adopting school ERP software. Here is the long list of reasons that will support your decision:

  • Reduce the workload

No matter how big or small your school is, your staff is buried under lots of paper documents and handling cash. Being human, there are chances of errors in carrying out these monotonous transactions. But as the transactions involve cash, it may cause loss to the institute. This can reduce the productivity of staff. 

Vidyalaya’s school fees management software can help in reducing the workload by automating the process. Parents need not visit schools and pay the fees, instead, they can pay the fees online using the software. So, the staff is free from the clerical work and just they need to monitor the process. 

  • Customization of fee structure

As your institute goes on a wide scale and follows a progressive path, different aspects like library fee, computer lab fee, transport fee gets included in the core fee structure. In the manual method, you need to update the system manually at every place like fee form, fee payment receipt, corresponding ledgers. Missing one or more places of this may create problems while auditing the system.

All these can be handled within a few clicks if you integrate Vidyalaya’s school fees management system. The system gives you features to update the system most easily so that you can offer customization for restructuring the school fees.

  • Real-time notification

When parents do not pay off the fees, school staff needs to take frequent follow-ups. This is usually done through phone calls, emails, or messages. But you can relieve your staff from these annoying issues by facilitating them with Vidyalaya’s fees management system. The system will send automatic reminders for fees dues, overdue, or changes in fee structure. Also, when parents pay off the fees, automatic notifications are sent to their registered mobile number and/or email id. This will help them to understand the real-time status of the fee payment process.

  • Efficient Data backup

Eliminate the potential risks to the data by installing a dedicated school fees management system. Vidyalaya automates the process and stores all the data in digital form on the server or on the clouds. You can protect your data from data loss, fire, handling issues. Also, the hassle-free synchronization will help you to back up data rapidly.

  • Transparency and a secure way

A lot of cash is handled during the fee collection process, there must be transparency and safety of it. Cloud-based school fees management software can help you to achieve the desired transparency and safety as access to data is based on roles defined for each user. Also, the automation of fee payment will help to track suspicious deeds or transactions.

  • Easy report generation

Every school management needs various reports for making futuristic decisions. In the manual method, a fixed set of reports are created, that may stretch the decision-makers behind. Vidyalaya makes sure that auditing is smooth and hassle-free as standard and customized report generation is possible with its fees management system

  • Revenue management

Vidyalaya cuts down the need for other software for managing the revenues from other sources like funds, donations, funds raised by alumni. The single system can manage all your revenue under one roof.

  • User-friendly easy to deploy

Software must be user-friendly and easy to deploy, this is the test where Vidyalaya’s school fees management software perfectly fits. The attractive and easy UI will help users to carry out their routine work.

  • Faster payments

Schools can eliminate the longer route of going to banks, drawing cheques, and depositing money to desired accounts using Vidyalaya’s school fees management system. Instead, the mobile app for fees management can save your resources and make the transactions faster without going anywhere.

  • Easy account management

As school fees get divided into different accounts, it is really a headache to update all the ledgers and accounts manually. Save your staff from doing this crucial task and let Vidyalaya’s fees management system handle all your account management. The system will help you in creating students’ profiles, managing the transactions in multiple bank accounts, and real-time the status of the school fees process. 

As technology has advanced in each sector, why education sector should depend on the traditional erroneous systems? There are so many options available in the ed-tech market for regulating and automating the fee management process. Vidyalaya has a legacy of more than 20 years of providing tailor-made software and helps institutes of any scale to digitalize the education process.

Our product ranges from school admissions to fees management, and from attendance to alumni management. The school fees management software has already raised the bars to the next level and satisfying clients are happy with the significant difference between before and after implementation of this software. 

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