Top 3 Tyre Companies in the World

There are various tyre brands in the market providing premium-quality products for all types of high and low range budgets. The tyre that you buy will determine the performance of your car and influence the overall comfort and safety on roads.

There are various brands with state-of-the-art production facilities to manufacture and test all the Continental Tyres Reading. You can opt for summer tyres to conquer the extreme heat or get winter tyres for a safe and comfortable drive on icy roads. Overall, you can explore a wide assortment of tyres on the market and choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Top Tyre Brands 

Continental: Over 150 years of expertise goes into manufacturing every Continental tyre offered today. The company is a global leader in tyre development and performs rigorous tests to ensure the roadworthiness of all the products. Moreover, Continental offers a wide range of premium-quality products perfect for any kind of vehicle and model. These German-engineered tyres will give you the confidence to conquer any road or terrain without much hassle. Also, millions of car owners trust Continental tyres due to their impressive responsiveness and control.

Most Famous Tyres Are 

Summer tyres: Now, get the best tyres that deliver a safe and comfortable drive at a temperature above 7*C. These high-quality summer tyres come with a long-lasting tread pattern and, are made with durable rubber compounds to deliver enhanced stability.

  • SportContact 6
  • EcoContact 6 Q
  • EcoContact 6
  • PremiumContact 6

Winter Tyres: Want the best tyre for safely manoeuvring on snowy and icy surfaces? The winter tyres are the best option for you. Continental winter tyres are made with a special design to reduce hydroplaning and offer improved wet braking performance.

  • WinterContact TS 870
  • WinterContact TS 860
  • ContiWinterContact TS 850

All-Season: These are the most convenient tyres that remove the hassle of changing tyres every season for reliable all-year-round performance.

  • AllSeasonContact


When referring to the best tyre manufacturing companies, Michelin ranks among the top tyre companies that have been operating since the 1900s.

The company offers a huge range of tyres perfect for any type of vehicle and budget. Michelin tyres deliver an excellent on-road and off-road driving experience without jeopardising your safety in any weather condition.

Most Famous Michelin Tyres Are 

Michelin Summers Tyres 

  • Pilot Sport 4: This tyre is created to deliver impressive responsiveness and, enhanced steering control on dry as well as wet roads.
  • Primacy 4: The Primacy 4 is well-known for its wet braking performance and decreased fuel consumption.

Michelin Winters Tyres 

  • X Ice Snow: This winter tyre provides excellent traction as well as enhanced fuel efficiency throughout the winters.
  • Alpin 5: Get great handling and enhanced braking on winter road surfaces by installing Alpin 5 on your vehicle.

Michelin All-Season Tyres

  • CrossClimate +: This tyre provides impressive all-weather traction, and the special tread blocks provide improved fuel efficiency on dry roads.
  • Agilis CrossClimate: This tyre is made to deliver year-round performance with the help of special compounds.


Bridgestone has over 90 years of experience in providing tyres that deliver the finest on and off-road drive. However, The company’s continuous research and development has allowed them to produce eco-friendly tyres that create a low impact on the environment. From cars to heavy-duty vehicles, Bridgestone provides tyres for all types of budgets and wheels.

Most Famous Bridgestone Tyres Are 

  • Car and 4×4 tyres: Bridgestone has multiple series for cars called Turanza, Weather Control, Blizzak and more. Furthermore, You can explore the entire range and find out which tyre will best suit your requirements.
  • Motorcycle tyres: Race Sport and Touring tyres are the two series offered by Bridgestone for Motorcycle segments. These tyres provide enhanced stability and are perfect for any adventure.
  • Truck and Bus Tyres: Highway and Versatility are the two ranges by Bridgestone offered for Trucks and Buses.

Contact an experienced tyre centre if you are still unsure about Tyres Reading or require further information. Also, ensure you check the markings and labelling before selecting the car tyre.

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