Top 6 Treks in India


In India there are different and beautiful landscapes. Due to landscapes it’s hard to make top 10 treks in India. To find top treks in India I made a list with a description. It makes it easy to visit top treks and do trekking with all the necessary excitement.   

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha trek starts from Sankri. When you reach Sankri you will be seeing  beautiful views of mountains and divine Flora and Fauna. Moving forward to Juda ka Talab from Sankri, you will see sunrays, meadows, Multiple colours all these makes your trek beautiful. You will be seeing snow capped mountains  ranges like Har ki Dun from Juda ka talab which is completely frozen in winters. And finally you will move from Juda ka talab to Kedarkantha trek peak. There after reaching the peak point you will have the best feeling. You can see the beauty of the sun rising  from the peak view. By the route you can see remote villages and you can learn about their traditions.


Kashmir Great Lake Trek

This Kashmir great lake trek passes through snow covered mountains, landscapes ,and high altitude lakes. The Kashmir seven lake trek is the most beautiful trek on earth. This trek provides magnificent views, Glacier lakes, different birds and wildlife animals. Major attraction in this trek was The trek route passes through seven different lakes on the himalayan range. You can see remote villages on the way of trekking and tribe people with their different culture and traditions. You can explore them by camping at such places. This trek takes seven nights and eight days to complete the whole trek. The trek route starts from sonamarg to naranag. There are number of hidden lakes too which takes lots of time to explore .Season for trekking Kashmir  great lakes trek is from June to mid October.

Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin pass trek is the classic trek in India. During this trek for every few minutes of trek you will see beautiful scenery and views of unfolding scenery. The beauty of views and scenery you will start seeing from day one itself. Few minutes of trek you will see Rupin lake. From Rupin lake the route takes you to a remote village and moving forward you will move into dense forests with pine trees. Moving on you will lead to snow bridges, glacial valleys, snowfields, glacial meadows and many waterfalls. The whole trek will be for 7 days long. The trek begins at remote village Jiskun  and the trek ends at Sangla in Himachal Pradesh. The view at many places is really very beautiful. This trek is worth panoramic views and picture perfect sceneries. There is a good campsite at U shaped meadow with all the trees . The most enjoyable place for trekking. This trek difficulty rate is Moderate to difficult. Best season to visit this trek is from end of may to June and mid-September to mid-October. The altitude of this trek is 15279 ft.

Roopkund Trek

Roopkund trek is most popular in Uttarakhand and is one of the best treks in India. As Uttarakhand has many trekking places and mountains this is the most popular one .This trek has beautiful landscapes, climate, and all the trekking routes are the most surprising routes for its landscapes. There are two trekking routes to trek one is Roopkund and other is Rajat Yatra. Most preferred route to trek is Rajat yatra which is 35kms.The trek starts at village Debal. The whole trek takes six to seven days to complete from Debal. This trekking route passes from dense forest and with lush green grass. The grass lands over the hill and along the way attracts people. From Roopkund Trek we can also see the views of Badrinath and Trishul Peaks. The roopkund lake is 2 m depth and the edge of the lake is covered with snow in all the seasons throughout the year. There is mystery over the lake here. When the snow near lakes melts we can see many skeletons and some skeletons with flesh too. There are many rumors about the skeletons near the lake. Roopkund is located near Lohajung Chamoli. You need to visit Bedni Kund and Homkund lake near Roopkund lake.

Chadar Trek

Chadar trek is  famous for Chadar frozen river, which is very beautiful in the months of winter and is one of the best winter treks in India. In this trek you can see the long monasteries, monks and temples. This is the challenging trek with snow all over the sides. This trek will be seven to eight days. We need to handle the temperature conditions very carefully as its very cold place. This place is also called Zanskar Gorge. This place is the old region of Ladakh. The Chadar trek is risky also as sometimes the snow melts and sometimes it forms snow when the temperature thickens. Trekkers need to cross the thick sheets of snow to reach campsites, to see the beauty of the trek. Professional trekkers feels easy to trek the Chadar trek as the beginners feel very rough to trek the route with different temperature conditions. But , I promise you that this trek is worthy for the beautiful views and atmosphere. You can visit in January and February for best and beautiful experience.


Stok Kangri Summit Trek

Stok Kangri provides panoramic views of Zanskar and the Indus valley. This trek is  located in Ladakh. Its height is about 2500 to 3800 m above sea level. Over  past few years this trek is attracting more trekkers to trek as it has most thrilling experiences to explore. In Leh , This is the first thing you see and if you move forward you can see rich culture of Leh. If you move further you can see stok village and then just ahead you will see Changa Ma. Changa Ma is the trek base camp with grass all over the area. It takes 9-10 to climb the summit and if you reach top , you can see fantastic views of Karakoram river..


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