Top 7 Reasons to do Master in Management

There was a time when Master in Management (MiM) was just considered an alternative to MBA programs. In the modern period, a MiM degree holds almost as much potential as an MBA degree. Prestigious institutes are now adopting the program all around the world. A MiM program can offer what you somehow require to thrive in the global market.

A decade ago, only Canadian and some European institutes offered MiM courses that were not even a part of any program. As a cheaper and alternative option, it was considered the precursor of MBA degrees. These traits, along with other things, shaped MiM to be an entire-fledged program section. Now, you can find MiM courses under various names, for instance, Master in International Business/Management, Master in Economics Management, MSc. in different specializations, etc.

7 reasons to do MiM

The benefits of a MiM program are extensive, and a bit more pointed compared to an MBA program. A MiM course will surely equip you with a broader perspective for the least to start. Due to its vast popularity in recent years, it has become clear what potential a MiM program holds. Here are 7 reasons why one should consider pursuing MiM. Here is everything you need to know about MIM

International Oriented

The complete p[urpose of developing the Master in Management (MiM) program is to offer a specific set to an international audience. The program is built for an international platform and still going under so much development. Also, records show that out of all applicants, more than 25% are non-business undergraduates. The program is open and diverse to pursue. It does not have to be limited to just the business and management sector.

Work-Experience Flexibility

For an MBA, work -experience is crucial. Not just work experience, but also relevancy in them becomes hardcore. For instance, institutes have their own prescribed work experiences. On the other hand, MiM courses require no work experience or some in some instances. One can rest easy to set foot in the business and management industry with little or no work experience.

Versatile Study Approach

Masters in Management were initially started as MSc. degrees. So how does it collide with business and management, and what remains of its originality? See the difference here is, MiM programs offer in-depth theoretical knowledge in business and management environments. However, this does not limit practical experiments and learning. So as a MiM student, you will get in-depth knowledge with a combined practical approach.

Managerial Skill-Sets

MiM programs tend to follow a more diverse approach. It allows you to capture a set of skills via different sets of topics. Teamwork, personal development, managerial skills are some features a MiM revolves around. The managers in leading industries are required to be equipped with all complex links and connections between different topics. Hence all these MiM features to assist you in gaining expertise in a set of diverse topics.

Network and Connections

MiM programs allow you to open doors to new opportunities. The program is adapted by prestigious institutes worldwide and features a similar course plan as an MBA. With many business and management leaders combined, MiM creates an extensive close network of professionals. The alumni network alone can offer you extensive opportunities in business and management. It’s like having an MBA without having an MBA. Now you must have realized that Master in management is worth every penny spent.

Specialized Courses

Compared to an MBA, a MiM degree is more suitable for a newcomer and a professional. The catch is to identify the benefits of various specialized courses. One can easily understand the relationship as comparing a degree to a diploma. As a degree is scaled huge in overall development, a diploma can access you what you seek quickly. With a MiM specialized course, one can start a career along with the course duration.

Significant Impact With Low Investment

Everyone knows that MiM programs are much cheaper compared to an MBA. Now it is not being stated that a MiM can offer you as much as an MBA. However, it does not limit itself. If you are predetermined and set on your plans, a MiM can be better than an MBA. With low investment and lesser time, you can start working on your focus to increase the return on investment (ROI).


MBA will accelerate your career to new horizons, while MiM will assist you to kickstart your career in business and management. In any case, a MiM is far more beneficial than MBA if compared rationally.


Abhyank Srinet is a passionate digital entrepreneur who holds a Masters in Management degree from ESCP Europe. He started his first company while he was still studying at ESCP, and managed to scale it up by 400% in just 2 years. This prompted him to create MiM-Essay, a one-of-a-kind portal with cutting-edge profile evaluation and school selection algorithms, along with several avenues to stay informed about the latest B-School Updates.

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