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Top 8 Tips to Increase the Number of Instagram Followers

Tips To increase Instagram Followers

Not a few Instagram users choose shortcuts to get Buy Instagram followers by buying them from certain services.

These tricks will indeed increase the number of your followers. But remember, fake followers tend not to be able to improve the performance of your Instagram account.

As a recommendation, you can follow some of the following tips to get organic Instagram followers. Let’s keep reading to learn it!

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8 Tips to Increase the Number of Instagram Followers

Here are some tips that you should try to increase the number of followers on Instagram:

1. Know Who Your Target insta Audience Is

First, define your target audience. In your opinion, who is the person who best fits your niche or market segmentation? Now, to make it easier, you can create an audience persona by gathering some information based on the following questions:

How old are they?

What is their gender?

Where do they live?

What industry do they work in?

Are they married?

What is their educational background?

When do they usually use Instagram?

How do they use Instagram?

What are the challenges they are trying to solve and what do you think are related to Instagram content and the products and services they want to offer?

From the information obtained, you can then design the right campaign so that you can reach an audience who will most likely become your Instagram followers.

In addition, this information will also help you find out what kind of content your audience needs, so they can consistently follow your posts and become loyal followers.

2. Maximize Your Profile and Bio

Make sure your Instagram profile looks professional, attractive, and is able to convince your audience to follow you. To do so, you can optimize several crucial elements of your profile, namely:

Profile Photo —use a good photo that is relevant to your content. For business accounts, you can use a brand logo to maintain the consistency of your branding, and make it easier for your audience to recognize your business;

Name and Username —choose a search-friendly name and username. As a name, you can use your name or your business. As for usernames, use options that are easy to remember, pronounce, relevant, and consistent with other platform account Canto Instagram Username.

Bio — use the 150 characters in your bio to explain who you are, what kind of content your audience can expect from your account, and why they should follow you on Instagram.

Website —maximize the URL field to add a website address to make your profile look more professional and credible. As an alternative (if you don’t have a website yet), you can use it to promote other social media accounts.

3. Unique Content

Publish content that is not only quality and attracts the attention of the audience, but is also able to encourage them to share it with others. In this way, your posts will get a wider reach and can attract new followers.

In addition, also learn what types of content your Instagram followers are most interested in. So, you can use Instagram Insights to learn about the most popular content on your account.

And since Instagram is a visual platform, pay attention to the aesthetics of your Instagram feed. Make sure that when your audience visits your profile, they want to linger on your shared post and are motivated to click the Follow button.

4. Consistency Is Key

According to a study from Tailwind, posting frequency has a major influence on increasing the number of followers and engagement rates. The more often an account publishes content, the more likes and follower numbers it gets.

But in order not to be considered as spam, of course, you also have to carefully consider the amount of content that is created every day. Don’t let your followers get annoyed and unfollow your account.

To be sure, regardless of the number of posts you plan to post, you need to schedule content publication and maintain a consistent timeframe in order to achieve optimal results.

5. Share Content at the Right Time

Timing is also a factor in the success of your campaign on Instagram. The reason is, post time has a big influence on the engagement rate obtained.

Remember, the more engagement you get, the more likely it is that your content will appear on Instagram’s explore page, and the better chance you have of reaching new audiences.

6. Try Collaborating

Research and find influencers and other brands that you think have a similar audience base to yours. In fact, 60% of consumers say they will follow a brand after seeing an influencer they follow promote the brand.

7. Optimize the Hashtags Used

Instagram allows its users to find content based on hashtags. Uniquely, each hashtag is also equipped with a Follow button so that anyone can follow the hashtags they like.

In other words, relevant hashtags will make your content easier to find in Instagram search results.

You can also create hashtags specifically for your brand, then use them to create your own community on Instagram and attract lots of new followers.

The branded hashtag strategy is usually run in conjunction with user-generated content (UGC). For inspiration, you can learn how @cocacola implemented this strategy. Examples of Hashtag Usage

8. Promote Your Account

Instagram ads are not free. But you have a great opportunity to reach new audiences more effectively.

Because, you will get the freedom to choose advertising targets based on their location, interests, demographics, behavior, to their similarity to the followers you currently have.

In addition, also promote your Instagram account on the various channels that you have—be it websites, emails, other social media platforms, podcasts, and other media that you use.

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Ready to Add Your Instagram Followers?

Increasing the number of Instagram followers is indeed not an easy process and cannot be done overnight. But with the right strategy, anyone has the opportunity to gain an abundance of followers.

If you want to immediately increase your Instagram Followers family, then you should choose Buy Instagram Follower Canada. Choose it to get 100% real and organic followers which helps you to become brand.

Here’s a summary of some tips that you should apply to attract new followers:

Learn and know who your target audience is

Optimize crucial elements of profile and bio to build credibility

Publish quality, interesting, and shareable content

Maintain a consistent posting schedule

Share content at the right time

Collaborate with influencers and other brands to increase reach

Optimize the use of hashtags to make them easier to find in search

Promote your account either through Instagram ads or with a cross promotion strategy

Want to learn more Instagram tips, tricks, and tutorials? Let’s continue to visit the SuperViral.Ca blog and find the most complete material on various social media platforms, online business, digital marketing, hosting , web development, domains , and many other current topics.

Good luck!

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