Top Benefits of Studying in Canada

Whether one chooses an urban life or living in warm local areas, Canada provides an experience worth living. Studying in Canada provides excellent prospects for the future. Sometimes, these prospects are better than the ones provided at home. You might even find the student visa Canada process easy. The Canadian weather with splendid seasons, extensive natural life, clean environment, and multi-culture are among the top reasons to study in Canada.

Canada is also one of the topmost countries in the world in development and research. The government of Canada also provides facilities to explore the fields of telecom, medical agribusiness, ecological science, and innovation. To know the procedures of applying to Canadian universities, you can take the assistance of Canada PR consultancy in Hyderabad.

Why choose Canada to study?

The following points are some reasons why you should choose Canada to study:

  • To begin with, Canadian people are inviting. They welcome people from varied cultures and ethnic affiliations.
  • The multi-culture in Canada serves as an opportunity for overall growth.
  • It also offers serene living, which no other country offers. One can also find other Indians working and studying there and be a part of their celebrations.
  • Canada has been rated among the topmost secure countries in the world.
  • The Canadian universities intake in fall, winter and summer. The fall intake in Canada is the most suitable for Indian students.
  • Canada offers work opportunities to their students where one can work up to 20 hours during their semester. They can also work full-time in mid-year and winter breaks. The job opportunities provided can be as an intern or as an on-the-ground employee. In both these cases, a student does not require extra work authorization. Their study permit is considered to be sufficient in finding a part-time job. One can seek the help of Canada PR consultancy in Hyderabad to know more.
  • The Post-Graduate Work Permit Program (PWPP) allows students to remain in Canada after completing their course and work for as long as three years. This gives the students an insight into global work and also gives them a chance to apply for permanent residency later on.

Student Visa Canada

The fee for a Canada student visa application is $150. One can seek the assistance of Canada PR consultancy in Hyderabad to help them with the visa process. The requirements for a Canadian student visa are as follows:

  • Evidence of Acknowledgment: This is a letter that must be provided to the student’s school as a letter of acknowledgement. The original or electronic copy of this letter must be submitted with the study permit application.
  • Conditional acknowledgements and prerequisite courses: If a student has been accepted into a university, it means that the student must take up the prerequisite courses. For example, in the case of a second language such as French, the student must finish it before the commencement of the program.
  • Verification of identity: While applying for the student visa, the student and every person accompanying the student to Canada must have a legitimate identification or travel record. Online candidates should upload a copy of the data page of their visa when they apply online. If they’re approved, then the student can send their verification.

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  • Welfare arrangements: The student must demonstrate that they can financially support themselves and their relative who accompanies them while in Canada. One can provide the assets in their name with the confirmation of a Canadian official. The arrangement evidence that can be provided are:
  • If a student moved their cash to Canada, the ensured investment certificate from a Canadian establishment
  • Evidence of student credit provided by a bank
  • Bank statement of 4 months
  • Bank draft that can be changed to Canadian dollars
  • Evidence of payment of educational fee and lodging expenses
  • A letter from the individual, organization, or school providing finance or evidence of fees paid from inside Canada.
  • Letter of clarification: The letter of clarification encourages the visa office to help the student and the student’s objectives in providing the student visa Canada. Students willing to apply for an examination license have to submit this letter with the application form. It should be done irrespective of whether or not the student needs to get an investigation grant for their program.

Cost of Study in Canada

The cost of study in Canada is fairly reasonable. The student might require about $20,000 to $30,000 to cover their yearly tuition. This amount is the average fee and might fluctuate based on the university and program. The expenses and lodging costs will vary according to the area and the student’s necessities. However, an amount of $15,000 is an estimate of what one might require.

MBA programs are the most expensive in Canada, ranging from $30,000 to $42,000. Humanities, education and arts programs cost less than other subjects such as medicine and engineering. Post-graduate courses also cost more. One can seek the help of Canada PR consultancy in Hyderabad to know about the scholarships available.


All in all, Canada provides all the reasons for you to choose it for your higher education. Starting from the variety in the type of courses it provides, affordable fees structures, easy application procedure to the encouraging environment of the country. Everything sums up together to make Canada the top choice for every student aspiring big.

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