Top Tips To Consider While Buying A Pregnancy Pillow Online

Pregnancy sleep is of utmost importance but is usually ignored. It is common to have sleep disruptions in pregnancy, as the mind is coping up with the body’s ever-growing and changing needs. A pregnant woman may feel restless while sleeping or the increased bathroom trips may also lead to disturbance in sleep.   

Getting a pregnancy or maternity pillow could be a great help. These pillows are designed keeping an expectant mom’s comfort in mind. The primary usage of these is to support pregnant women’s bodies and their growing baby bumps to let them enjoy a comfortable and peaceful sleep at night.  

Considering people’s choices and the fact that what works for her may not work for someone else, there are a plethora of options to choose, from as far as pregnancy pillow shapes and designs are concerned.   

Here is presented a brief study and guide on buying the right pregnancy pillow according to your choice and comfort and to help you have a goodnight’s sleep. 

Pregnancy Pillow- A basic know-how 

A pregnancy pillow is based on the concept of lending support to an ever-growing body. These cushions or pillows are designed in a way to contour according to the body shape and to facilitate easy sleeping throughout pregnancy.  

There is a variety of options available in terms of different shapes, inside fillings, fabrics, material, sizes and prices. Some are in wedge shaped, some are for a complete body support and some help support legs.   

In the beginning you may not figure out which one suits you best. Sometimes, one may not be able to judge until the first trimester or later what their body demands. You may take help from your pear group or fellow pregnant ladies. Be open-minded while making a choice and try several options to know which one is the most suitable. 

Why to use a Pregnancy Pillow? 

The simplest of the reason is to get comfort during pregnancy.   

Ladies who get pregnant for the second time, know the importance of pregnancy sleep. It is common for parents to get sleep-deprived, right from delivering to raising their little one. You should focus on having an ample amount of sleep as once the baby arrives it becomes difficult for new parents to achieve the goal of 8 hours of sleep.   

While pregnant, sleeping in a comfortable position becomes a cumbersome task.  

A good pregnancy pillow could work as the rescue here, which helps you sleep in a comfy position during and after pregnancy. It is often advisable to avoid sleeping on the stomach of pregnant women. A good pregnancy pillow is one that helps relieve pressure on the back, spine, and hips and prevents pregnant ladies from sleeping in the wrong position.   

Most of the pregnancy pillows can be used after pregnancy and provide support while breastfeeding and other day-to-day activities.   

Types of Pregnancy Pillows 

Different types of pregnancy pillow are listed below: 

  • Wedge Pregnancy Pillow: 

As the name says wedge pillows are wedge-shaped and are multi-functional. These can be during and after pregnancy and helpful for people other than pregnant ladies. These can be put under the baby bump to lend support when they sleep or relax, can be used to elevate legs and back.  

  • Full body support pregnancy pillow: 

These kinds of pregnancy pillows are C or U-shaped and are made to support your body. They support your neck, back, knees, legs, and stomach, and overall body of an expectant mom. These kinds of maternity pillows are the most popular and preferable ones. 

  • Bean Pillows: 

These pillows are compact and, as the name suggests, are bean-shaped. The compact style of this pillow makes them a travel-friendly choice. You can use them to support your body while sitting, resting, or sleeping. 

There are several other kinds of pregnancy pillows chosen based on the comfort you need.   

Here are some factors you should consider while shopping for a pregnancy pillow:   

  • Shape of the pillow 

Pregnancy pillows are shaped according to their usage. Buy according to the purpose of using. 

  • Size of the pillow

If you are buying a pregnancy pillow size-wise, you should buy it according to your bed size, traveling purpose, considering whether other people sleep with you or not, and space for storing it when not in use.   

  • Fabric of the pillow 

You will have to choose from fabric options like polyester, velour, jersey knit, cotton-rich, organic cotton, etc. The choice of removable & washable covers is also available with some of them. 

  • Inside Fillin

Types of fillings filled in pregnancy pillows are micro-beads, wool, seed pod fluff, air-inflated ones, or memory foams.   

  • Price of the pillow 

Choose as per your pocket and purpose.  

If you are thinking to add a pregnancy pillow to your pregnancy planner, explore the Mylo Store and shop from a wide range of Pregnancy pillows and take a step ahead to a peaceful sleep. 

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