Traveling amidst pandemic-know UK visitor visa requirements

With ease in travel restrictions, many overseas nationals have started to travel and with the UK being one of the largest world economies, many students, workers and family members alike are returning home. Some of them are returning to their usual work, some are going to the UK on UK visitor visa to join a new work, many of the students are joining their colleges.

The UK visitor visa specifically is for those who are going to visit the UK for short term as much as 6 months.This visa classification focuses on the candidate’s purposes behind heading out to the UK. Further to this, candidates should exhibit that they have the fundamental assets to help themselves.

Understanding the UK visitor visa

A UK visitor visa is also called a Standard visitor visa UK which encompasses many types of visitor visas.

You can visit the UK on a Standard visitor visa if you fulfil either of the following conditions:

  1. To conduct a business activity 
  2. Attend any wok conference
  3. Pursue a short term study course within 6 months of time
  4. Get a private medical treatment
  5. Visiting to get married in the UK
  6. Or meet your family and friends.

On the off chance that the reasons behind which you plan to go to the UK are diverse to these, it is possible that this visa isn’t fitting and that an elective sort of visa should be applied for.

Demonstrating eligibility

You should show that you mean to leave the UK either preceding or on the expiry date of your visa. 

Must demonstrate that you can uphold yourself (and any dependents you plan to carry with you) monetarily during your time in the UK. 

Exhibit that you can pay for your ahead venture once your time in the UK reaches a conclusion.

Must have proof of your business activities or other activities you intend to be involved in during your time in the UK

Cost of the UK visitor visa

 The UK Visitor Visa costs you £95 for 6 months.

These are for a standard six-month visitor visa.

As mentioned, it is possible to apply for a long-term visitor visa, however there is a higher cost associated with these.

The charges for long-term visitor visas are as follows:

  • £361 for a 2-year visitor visa
  • £655 for a 5-year  visitor visa
  • £822 for a 10-year visitor visa

What are permitted and prohibited activities

The permitted activities with a UK visitor visa are:

  1. Business-related exercises, for example, those considered suitable under a Business Visitor Visa. Considering, but this should not be the sole motivation behind your visit and the measure of time spent contemplating should not surpass 30 days 
  2. Converting civil partnership into a marriage 
  3. Going through the UK on a transit visa to your destination
  4. Taking an interest in a trade program of educational excursion, this is just legitimate for those younger than 18 years.

The prohibited activities are:

  1. Looking for job opportunities, either paid or unpaid.
  2. Register your marriage or civil partnership.
  3. Access any UK public funds
  4. Frequently visiting and prolonging your stay in the UK.

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