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TrustRank: Biggest Contributor in Ranking Determining Process

Does your mother trust you when she is asking, “Who has taken out the chocolates from the fridge?’ 

And you say, “NO! I haven’t”

No, she must not have trusted you. Right? 

Because you can’t fool your Mommy, who has given birth to you and your siblings. Mommies are Mommies. Lol!

In the same way, Google won’t trust you if it asks, “Are you using the Spam Links?” And you say, “NO!”. You must prove it by increasing your ‘Credibility Score.’ You can’t fool the universal Mommy (Google) of the digital world. 

But doesn’t this convince us to look deep into the question, “Does Google have superpowers?”

Yes, Probably it has a superpower in the form of – ‘TrustRank.’ 

Do you want to know more about it? 

TrustRank – Integral Component of the Google TrustRank 

Googles’ Algorithms help to bring about the best possible results from the search query. TrustRank is one of the most important factors of such algorithms. 

It’s Above All – Well Written Content & Quality Backlinks

You can have compelling Content published on your site and several backlinks gained from the reputed websites, but you can still not get your website ranked. 

The culprit: Low TrustRank 

What can I do to increase the TrustRank?

TrustRank separates the valuable web pages from being counted as SPAM. It takes various ‘Trust Indicators’ into account. Here is a list of the most important indicators: 

  • Trustworthiness

Trustworthiness = Distance Between a Seed Site and your Page. 

What is a Seed Site? 

It is the website that Google considers highly authoritative and trustworthy. 

Examples of the Logical Sites: Wikipedia, CNN, BBC, Harvard University

For your understanding, you can observe the following table:

trust rank

Here Website A is just one link away from Trusted Seed Site, while Website B is two links away. Website D has the most significant distance from the Trusted Seed site, and thus it will count as less credible than Website A.

How Can Seed Sites Help Me To Increase The Trustrank?

By having the top links from the seed sites, you can increase your trustworthiness. 

Push Up Your Website!

Make each possible effort to get linked with the maximum of the seed sites. 

Which Sites Are Most Commonly Described As The Seed Sites? 

Following niches are highly defined as the seed sites: 

  • Government Sites
  • University Websites
  • Mainstream News Websites 
  • Do Not Let The Bounce Rate Affect Your Website. 

One must keep a proper check on the elements, page load speed and publishings on the website. In the wake of negligence, you may end up experiencing the bounce rate for your website.

What is the Bounce Rate? 

Bounce Rate shows the disinterestedness of the employees in visiting your website. If the person visits a website and exits from there without accessing the other features or the website’s pages, then it is known as ‘Bounce Rate.’ 

What Does Bounce Rate Want You To Work? 

Bounce Rate wants you to work on your Content. 

Fact: If you produce interactive and informative content that satisfies the user’s search intent & the user feels the urge to go through it till the end, you will never have to find ways to keep the visitors stuck to your page to reduce the Bounce Rate. 

Please Note: The Content not only needs to be understandable. But apart from that, its readability score must also aim at the highest. It ensures your Content can be understood by both educated and uneducated people.

  • Optimization of the PLT (Page Load Time)

Just Ponder Over: 

If visitors can’t even take the slow loading page, how can we expect a Search Engine like Google to find that ‘Cool’?

Thus the PLT acts as one of the essential deciding elements as far as the TrustRank is concerned. 

  • Navigation & Mobile-Friendly 

The website is more likely to attain the Increased TrustRank if it has an excellent interface in terms of Navigation & Mobile-Friendliness.

  • Interactive Visuals Containing Content 

Don’t we hate those textbooks which include ‘Only & Only’ Text? It is believed that you can’t convey the desired knowledge by merely presenting a piece of written content. Kinex Media’s expert SEO Professionals have observed, “The users are more prone to exit from blogs and articles that do not include images and videos.”

Thus, inclusions of graphics and videos in your content is one of the parameters to decipher the TrustRank for your website.

Quick Tips to increase TrustRank 

  • Aim for the Long Game

Make sure you are not on Search Engine only for a year or two. Google will find you credible if you have been helping the search engine to put forth the best information for years. 

  • Include a Privacy Policy 

You must include a Privacy Policy on your website. It tells Google that you are taking the website affair seriously and thus have decided to include the privacy policy to ensure that the system runs smoothly. 

  • Create an About-Us Page

Be serious about social media if you are aiming to increase sales. The first thing you must do for that is to create a strong impression among the visitors by telling them ‘Who you are?”

Create a Good About Us Page.

Final Comments!

Making your website rank high on Google requires you to increase the TrustRank. Here is a tip for the SEO Professionals who want to apply to a highly reputed company – No matter how vast your working experience has been, if you fail to define TrustRank in good words, you won’t crack the interview. Such is the importance of TrustRank. 

Without knowing the decisive parameters of TrustRank, you can’t put your 100% to make your website rank. 

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