Types of Bolts and the Information You Should Gather

There are many different types of long coach bolts, but the most popular is a sort of fastener with a head at one end, a chamfer at the other, as well as the shaft of the bolt, which is known as a “thread.” Fasteners, such as bolts, are often used in the construction and maintenance industries to secure various components together or to place various items.

At the end of the head, there is a chamfer that gives a slightly bevelled edge that aids with insertion. Typically, but not always, a nut is used to provide torque to a bolt while it is kept in place by the nut itself (or vice versa). Locknuts, lock washers, or thread lockers may be used to prevent nuts from loosening due to vibration or dynamic stresses.

Nuts and bolts provide several advantages.

In comparison to other fasteners, large and small nuts and bolts have the benefit of being dismantled as required, while rivets are meant to be permanently installed.

To expand the surface area where the attachment force may be exerted on bolts and nuts, a washer can be used in conjunction with the nut you may use nuts bolt to link a wide variety of materials, including wood, sheet metal, steel and iron as well as plastics. Slotted hex nuts, for example, maybe used with a matching bolt and cotter pin to ensure that the nut is firmly fastened in place. These common hand or power tools may be used to work with bolts and nuts. Socket sets and open-end wrenches are among them.

What Types of Bolts Are There?

From long coach bolts to bolt with washer, a large variety of bolts exist, each with a unique set of qualities that make them useful for a variety of applications. In general, the most frequent kinds of bolts used are:

1 Anchor bolts

Using anchor bolts, a structural element or component may be attached to the concrete slab or poured foundation. It is possible to install anchor long coach bolts while the concrete structure is being poured, as in a house’s poured foundation. As an alternative method, anchor bolts may be fastened to the concrete after it has hardened by boring holes into it to allow the anchor bolt to be entered.

2 Blind Bolts

The term “blind bolt” refers to a kind of fastener that may be used in situations where access to both sides of the bolt is restricted. Using a toggle bolt to hold goods to a wall in the space between two support beams is a basic illustration of this principle in action. Because the toggle bolt cannot be installed from the inside of the wall, it must be installed from the outside, which means that the drywall must be removed.

3 Carriage Bolts 

Carriage Bolts are self-locking bolts with a flush-mount domed head that only allow access to the nut side of the bolt to remove or loosen them. For the carriage bolt to be tightened from the nut side without the need to constrain the bolt head, there is a square section that is placed into a matching square cut that is slotted in the material being connected.

4 Bolts with double ends

Stud bolts, also known as double-end bolts, include a threaded part on either end of the bolt without the typical head of the bolt. It features a mated thread on one end that may be threaded into a hole, while the other end is threaded to hold a nut. It has a threaded rod look, although it is not typically threaded the whole length of the stud and may be threaded differently on either end. A screw thread is used on one end of certain stud bolts, like the one in the picture above, instead of bolt threads on both ends.

5 Bolts with hexagonal heads

Standard inch and metric bolt sizes are available in hex head (also known as hexagon head) varieties. Bolts having hexagonal or hex heads, which may be tightened with a wrench or socket, are what they’re named for. A hex bolt can have a completely threaded or unthreaded shoulder.

The most common use for hex bolts is to join two pieces of metal, wood, or wood and metal, respectively. Hex bolts are often used in conjunction with hex nuts and washers, the washers being particularly useful when joining two pieces of softer material that may distort as the hex bolt is tightened.

6 Screws and Bolts for Machines

Unlike hex bolts, machine bolts do not feature a chamfered tip or a washer-bearing surface on the underside of the head. They are used to hold two pieces of material together. Both hex and square head types are often available.

Machine set screws, a distinct fastener, are commonly used interchangeably with machine bolts, which leads to a lot of muddles. If you’re looking for a fastener that has a consistent threading pattern over its whole length, a machine screw may be the best option for you.

In contrast to other screw types like wood screws, hex set screws or sheet metal screws, these fasteners have a flat tip rather than a pointed or tapered tip. With pre-tapped holes or with materials where the screw creates its own thread as it tightens, screws have a wide range of applications. Check out 100mm TIMCO C2 Multi-Purpose Advanced screw which is combined with a synthetic lubricant and dual angle thread, that reduces insertion torque by 53% and insertion time by 42%.

Wrapping Up 

There are many types of bolts available in the market and we just covered a few of them. Large and small constructions alike rely on millions of bolts every day to keep them firmly fastened. 

Because of the wide range of applications that need their usage, they have developed a wide range of variations. Bolt types and applications may be classified in a variety of ways, and all of the factors outlined above play a role in making the ultimate decision on which long coach bolts to utilise.


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