Unique Experience Working on an Offshore Oil Rig or Platform

An offshore platform offers some of the most rewarding work in any industry, with solid career growth opportunities. The hours are long and busy but it will be worth your time if you want independence or just something different from an office job!

Before you leave

You must be in top physical condition to handle the heavy machinery and carry loads on a platform. Mental fitness is also imperative, since an employee’s stay can last up two weeks with no going back home- that may not seem long at first but it really does get exhausting!

Survival Training

Knowing how to stay safe while working offshore is important. You might want expand your survival skills before starting work, or you could take the course if this isn’t something that has come up yet in training for new hires on an assignment with harsh weather conditions and equipment failure risks present as well!


Rigs are operational 24 hours a day and shifts can last anywhere from 12-14 hour long. Each shift is broken up with morning/afternoon breaks as well as lunch, but it all depends on what company you work for!

Working on an offshore oil platform or rig

In order to prepare for a hard day on tour, it is essential that one mentally prepares themselves before starting. There are typically pre-tour meetings with those who will be working during the shift about what tasks they should do and how many hours have passed since their last break at night or noon time in between lunch breaks so as not get bored of sitting around too much! After finishing up after dark there’s also an emergency handover meeting where new employees learn about safety protocols while old timers like me chat about recent events “from above ground.”

Top risks

Oil and gas are both highly flammable. Before you can work on an Offshore Living Quarters Manufacturers, safety precautions like fire training go hand-in-hand with your job application process as well as other aspects such as risk management protocols for high winds or heavy seas.

Living Conditions

Space is tight, so you may need to share a room with one or more people. Bathrooms get shared among several rooms and there isn’t much privacy in this setting; veterans advise forgoing personal space as it’s already scarce!

Free time on the rig

With the tight space oil platforms, there are various amenities such as gyms and pool tables. In order for workers on these platforms have an opportunity to relax-even if just watching TV or reading a book from work’s library – employers provide those things too!

Career opportunities

Getting a job as an oil rig roustabout is not easy. Workers have to be physically fit and willing, but they will also gain valuable skills such as those needed for maintenance on drilling equipment or electrical systems that can open other positions in their field once qualified.


The offshore rig or platform is a tough place for the staff, but it offers many opportunities and raises up in rank. Limited personal space can be challenging to work with as well as long absences from friends and family; however there are high paying jobs that one could do if they’re willing to put their mind into whatever comes next!

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