Unique Places To Visit In Russia

Russia is a complete package when it comes to finding the perfect holiday destination for your family. The largest country in the world, Russia, has everything you expect. Ancient museums, beautiful natural settings, long islands, sky-high mountains, this place has a lot to offer to anyone visiting. Each city in the country has its own beauty that you can’t soak all in at one visit. 

This is why we are here to help you. We have prepared a list of the top places to visit for sure when you are traveling to Russia for the first time. Along with that, you need not worry about your travel and stay. Book Alaska Airlines Tickets for their vacation packages and get a complete deal of hotels, flights, and rentals at the lowest possible prices. 

  • Moscow

The capital city of Russia, Moscow, is the most beautiful. As gorgeous as this place is, it is important too because this is the hub of all the political decisions made for the country. Moscow has a lot to explore, and as a first-timer, you must start your trip from the very famous Saint Basil’s Cathedral. This cathedral looks less like any other cathedral and more like a castle out of a Disney movie. Along with that, the city is also famous for the amazing artworks of the local artists. Another highlight of this city is the largest square in the world, the Red Square.

  • Sochi

If you are visiting Russia during the winter season, do not miss Sochi. This place is widely famous for the winter sports location where the Winter Olympics 2014 was held. Along with that, the Formula 1 Grand Prix and Fifa World Cup 2018 also took place here only. This place is huge heaven on Earth for every sports fan. In addition to all the sports stories Sochi holds, you can also enjoy the amazing beaches covered with sparkling golden sand all around. Also, if you are a nature lover, you must not miss the Caucasus Biosphere Reserve and the tea plantation centers. 

  • Lake Baikal

Russia is the largest country in the world, is actually about the highest, deepest, largest tourist destinations everywhere. Lake Baikal is no less. This lake is the deepest worldwide. We can guarantee you that you will be awe-struck when you visit this site. Such immense beauty, calm, and purity can be found nowhere else in the world. This heavenly destination is hidden amongst the Siberia forests. If you love winters, then that is the best time of the year to visit Lake Baikal. This is the time when the lake freezes and shows amazing patterns because of the presence of oxygen. 

  • St. Petersburg

For the people who love to see architectural wonders, this is the place for you to explore in Russia. Just like Red Square, this place also has a lot to explore and will take at least two days for you to get the best out of the second-largest city in the country. The town was founded in 1703 and was initially named St. Petersburg. In 1924, its name changed to Leningrad, but people still know it by its old name only. People love to visit because of the best cruise rides in the country. 

  • Kazan

To see the perfect blend of Asian and European culture, tour Kazan. Also known as the Istanbul of the Volga, this city is the capital of Tatarstan. It is especially loved by the people for the beautiful churches and minarets all across the town. Kazan is widely famous for the living standards this country presents to the world. Everywhere you go, you will see the difference in the standards of the people living there. Highlights of this beauty include Bauman Street and Kul-Sharif Mosque. If you are looking for a place to buy presents for your family, go to Bouman Street. 

  • Golden Ring

The golden ring is a string of cities in the outskirts of Moscow. And the best part is everything that exists in between these wonderful cities. Cottages, cherry orchards, domes, churches, and the luscious greenery will leave you jaw-dropping amaze. The golden ring is especially known for the oldest architectural and artistic wonder it holds. The never-ending loop of beauties includes Yaroslavl, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Suzdal, Sergiev Posad, Kostroma, and Rostov Veliky. This is like a whole vacation in itself if you cover the entire golden ring. So, make your Alaska Airlines Booking and explore this adventure. 

  • Irkutsk

The most favorite tourist spot between Moscow and the east is Irkutsk. The city is known to have the best shoreline along its border because of Lake Baikal, located just 45 km away. Tourists love this place because of the aesthetics it holds. You will be surprised when you get there. The old wooden houses maintained to their best, empty streets because of lesser vehicle count in a city of a population of 5,00,000, and the beauty all across the city is what attracts the maximum number of tourists. 

  • Nizhny Novgorod

Another big city in Russia in Nizhny Novgorod, with so much to explore and adventure to experience. Initially known as Gorky, it came into existence in the early 13th century. Archangel cathedral borders this old town, and this cathedral was the only building left after the Bolsheviks devastated the entire city.  The city altogether holds over 600 monuments and sites for people to explore, so there is no end to it. 

  • Vladivostok

For mountain lovers, Vladivostok is where you have to go. The sky-high mountains, the fresh air, and the calm while you stand at the peak of one of these mountains can be a perfect end to your vacation. This city is the largest port of the Pacific Ocean and hence is an ideal blend of mountains surrounding it and the ocean running by. In the city, you can attend many concerts by famous artists and explore various museums. 

Final Statement

Russia is not just huge in size but also makes a perfect holiday spot for people. So without wasting another minute and second-doubting your decision, reserve your vacation packages at Alaska Airlines book a flight option on their official website, and get to know why Russia is so hyped up and why people are in love with this country.

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