Water and sewerage issues increases demand of RO plants in Pakistan

Here we need to know about something from the history when the British left Pakistan land at that

time all the setup and the system which was related to the water and sewerage going very smoothly

because they have a mechanism to look after the things after final makeup, the story begins when the

government of Pakistan formed and Pakistan begin to introduce its cities officially, and in the cities

local system also again begin under the government of Pakistan, the system were going very

smoothly before nineties after that due to bad and unstable political changes systems begin to

change as no proper look after and maintenance done by the local bodies and one interested to ask

question within government system why things getting worst, as days were passing specially water

and sewerage system become claps specially in maximum places they begin to mix with each other,

this is the beginning of new industry which is RO plants in Pakistan.

Why need RO plant in Pakistan

The mostly RO plants need in the countries where no have natural resources like, mountains, rivers,

raining, plants and lacks, RO plant is much famous in the gulf countries which mostly covered with the

desert type area and has no natural resources only have sea, bore or well water so to convert it in to

the drinkable water they mostly use the RO plant, maximum of gulf people drinks RO plant water or

you can say processed water, but in Pakistan were all resources available why need RO plant even

have natural pure water the reason behind it is, bad governance system and no educational

background of politicians who has government and system they even don’t know value of natural

water and processed water.

Lack of Dams

As Pakistan is self-sufficient  in natural resources of water in history government never focus on

storage and proper use of water because in Pakistan no any good government think on it and make

any good system by vision of after twenty five or fifty years they only come to fill their own pockets

they have no concern with the country matters, they look busy in country matters but actually they

have done nothing for the country that’s why now need RO plant in Pakistan to cover drinking water


Lack of proper lining

After the partition and boarder formation in Pakistan no any government take serious step to do

proper lining city wise and then for intercity and internal cities, the all system still based on British

map and style which even now not in use in many places, so if no proper lining for the drinking water

and population is growing so no option left for the public for survival to switch usage towards the RO

plants, that’s why now need RO plant in Pakistan to cover drinking water shortage.

Lack of water processing

As in many places of the Pakistan still natural water is available but people of Pakistan become much

more confuse because from where that water traveling all that places are too much dirty because of

lack of management so direct usage of that water could be more dangerous for that need to process

the water but due to bad management even has government water processing plants no proper

control of water processing that’s why people recommend to drink RO plant water because they can

see the process in front of their eyes, that’s why now need RO plant in Pakistan to cover drinking

water shortage.

Mixing of Sewerage

As the no proper focus on water and sewerage management it causes heavy loss of natural gifted

water because sewerage mix with the natural water which means you can’t use it in even general use

you have to be more careful to avoid any serious diseases, that’s why now need RO plant in Pakistan

to cover drinking water shortage.

Water stolen

Where the water is available from the natural resources in Pakistan bad politician and their relatives

forcefully change its direction for the personal use only, they don’t care for the other people and their

need, in other words you can say that they have control on it and without their permission you even

can’t drink or use it, if you do it, they will treat you like you have stolen their water, that’s why now

need RO plant in Pakistan to cover drinking water shortage. 

Political disturbance

Due to too much involvement of politicians in system, overall system now in collapsing position

because everyone only making decision for personal and relatives benefits from the government and

political seats no one thinking about the country and its people, they are allowing illegal lining, illegal

switching, illegal controlling, illegal distribution of water so here we can say whole country water

under the control of political mafia, that’s why now need RO plant in Pakistan to cover drinking water


Low-Cost Setup

The other window is business opportunities as the RO plant setup cost is not much high for small

businessmen so mostly that business is growing with very rapid speed in Pakistan the two things

pushing to fast number one people not confident on natural water usage and even has no water in

their location and the second one the setup cost is not much high that’s why many small business

men adopt it, that’s why now need RO plant in Pakistan to cover drinking water shortage.

High Profit Margins

As it is one time investment setup no need to much cost and totally based on the natural bored water

so the operation cost also not much high at other hand demand of RO water is on peak which means

high turnover rate so the RO plants in Pakistan enjoying goods profits.

Easy setup

As RO plant in Pakistan spreading like a current in water, because of its easy setup and low regular

maintenance cost which mean every small businessman can afford and run it with very low


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