What Addons Count as a Mistake While Buying a New Car

The excitement to drive home a new vehicle after a long period of wait is difficult to manage. It often takes over the decision-making to help the dealership sell unnecessary addons. And to your surprise, they make sense even with an unreasonably high price at the dealership.

You should prepare yourself before visiting the dealership for possible situations. The car may require a few addons to increase the comfort and features while driving. Thus, you must focus on the essentials and your budget instead of needless luxuries the dealership representative may try to sell.

Impact of Addons on Your Budget

The reason to avoid unnecessary addons is the impact on your budget for the car. We rarely consider the addons while calculating the different costs. The increase in overall cost will require more loans to manage the different costs.

You should avoid the addons if your budget is already on the affordability limit. It will hurt your financial condition throughout the loan duration. Even the slight increase in your instalment because of an add-on will considerably impact the overall cost with interest.

You should pay for the addons from your savings if you want them. Avoid the installation at the dealership because of the overpriced products and services. Also, you can take loans with no guarantor and no upfront fees to manage the cost with a shorter duration than a car loan.

Addons to Avoid with Your New Car

Some of the very popular addons and features in the automotive industry are easily avoidable. Drivers can manage to drive safely with a comfortable experience in their absence as well. The following addons belong to the category that people should avoid while buying a new car.

  1. GPS Navigation

GPS was a revolutionary technology with instant success and immense popularity in the automotive industry. Major manufacturers provide it as an essential feature with the car to help the drivers navigate through unknown roads. You will rarely find a physical map these days in cars because of the dependence on GPS.

However, your car doesn’t need dedicated GPS navigation even if you travel to an unknown destination. We already have a smartphone in our pocket with Google Maps. It is more than capable of navigation without spending any additional money on its integration.

  1. Night Vision

Night vision is a very cool addition to your car that gives it a feel of vigilantes. But you don’t necessarily need it unless you are willing to turn off the lights. And we know the dangers of driving with lights off far outweigh the minimal benefits of night vision.

Thus, you should avoid night vision on your car unless you drive almost daily on long routes at night. The headlights have been taking care of driving at night for decades without much trouble.

  1. Cigarette Lighter

The time for smokers to look cool in public is long gone. Even people are quitting the habit because of its obvious harmful impacts on the body. Therefore, it makes no sense to ask the manufacturer to add a cigarette lighter to your car.

The latest models come with a USB port to allow the charging of smartphones. Some of them also support wireless charging to avoid the cables that might cause damage to your smartphone. Therefore, you don’t need the cigarette lighter to charge your device as well.

  1. Modern Infotainment

An infotainment system can make the long journey entertaining and comfortable with our favorite music. We do need a decent entertainment system with speakers and support for a smartphone. But it often becomes the reason for distraction to cause accidents.

You should avoid the expensive infotainment systems since they serve no different purpose than the budget systems. You should focus on the road ahead with music at a low volume. Radio is still a very popular entertainment platform for the driver who doesn’t want the smartphones to control their ride as well.

  1. Spare Tires

A flat tire in the middle of nowhere can cause serious problems with safety concerns for yourself and your car. The previous generation drivers used to travel with a spare tire in their trunks. They also knew the process to change the tire by themselves without the help of a mechanic.

However, the current generation doesn’t need a spare tire because of the available help. The insurance providers often cover the towing from a remote location. You can use the money to repay the car loan along with debt consolidation loans for bad credit in the UK.

  1. Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise control is an amazing feature to increase the comfort of the drivers on long drives. It allows the car to take control of the speed by automatically reducing or increasing the speed, keeping in mind the surrounding. Therefore, it reduces the control of the driver over the vehicle that many people don’t prefer.

Also, it has cruise control features with the added luxury of giving rest to your pedals. The reduced control over the speed can cause serious damage in case of a sudden requirement of brakes. You should avoid the feature since you cannot trust it to take control over the vehicle speed from you.

  1. Touch Screen

A touch screen can make the interaction with your car infotainment or central system easier. We don’t have to navigate through the buttons to find the required options. However, they are more of an amenity than needed in the cars with important information available on the odometer.

The previous generation and some of the latest variants still provide the traditional button interface. They will serve the same purpose with easy navigation through the options. Moreover, you can simply use the smartphone to play music or navigate with a more responsive screen than a touch display of a car.


In the end, your preference should decide whether an addon is worth the investment or not. Keep in mind the impact of even the smallest of the spending on the overall cost of the car. A single purchase can increase the stress on your finances for the next few years in terms of instalments.

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